Driving Southwest Turkey: A 5 Day, 4 Night Road Trip

It all got kick started with a wedding invite. We'd been talking through summer about maybe taking off for a few days at the beginning of October - some vague plans of hiring a car, taking in some archaeological sites and having a wander; a bit like our East Turkey road trip. An invite to a wedding … [Read more...]

Antalya To Fethiye By Car – A D400 Coastal Road Trip

Antalya: to drive or not to drive; that is the question. Well, we're big fans of public transport in Turkey and Fethiye to Antalya by bus  (and vice versa) is a perfectly simple (and cheap) exercise. But when we went to Antalya in March we decided to take a hire car with us so we could drive back … [Read more...]

An East Turkey Road Trip – Are You Ready?

We'd like to take you on a little road trip over the course of some of the next few blogposts... We're taking you on an East Turkey road trip from Patnos, Ağrı and back to Patnos again, over three days and two nights. It's around 500 miles in total with not a motorway in sight (nice!) and this is … [Read more...]