Indestructible Leather Sandals From Rhodes

Whenever we go anywhere different, I always like to get a souvenir; a little memento of our trip. It doesn't have to be anything big or expensive and in fact, most of the time, it's just a postcard of the place. I stick these in a journal / scrapbook with a few notes reflecting my thoughts of the … [Read more...]

Üzümlü Dastar – A Local Craft

When we posted about the Üzümlü Mushroom Festival, I mentioned that the whole event was a great opportunity for Üzümlü to show itself off to all the visitors who attended the three-day event. So, not only were we treated to a feast of morel mushrooms, but we got a chance to view a local craft that … [Read more...]

Shopping For Ingredients At Our Local Market

Every so often, I get the urge the cook something that I haven't made for ages. So this afternoon when we went up to the market in Fethiye, rather than just buying the usuals, I had a quick scan round the stalls in search of a bit of inspiration. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to make but the … [Read more...]

Turkish Markets – Love Your Local Market (Pazar)!

Everyone should adore and cherish local Turkish markets! And here's why... Why We Love Turkish Markets Once upon a time, there was a town in the Northwest of England called Wigan. Our home town. Wigan was a market town. It had an outdoor market square and an indoor market. Both sold British, … [Read more...]

Around Fethiye – Paspatur Part One

Over the winter months, we've been saying that as soon as the season started, the weather had warmed up and Paspatur was fully awake after its winter semi-hibernation, we would do a post on 'Paspatur, Fethiye's Old Town.' Well, it's taken till now to get round to writing it for a few reasons; … [Read more...]

Shopping in Fethiye – Kipa Has Arrived!

We've only gone and done it! We've caved in to our own curiosity and just had to go to Kipa Fethiye to see what the excitement was all about. People reading this blog in other parts of Turkey such as Izmir and Istanbul will probably know all about Kipa but for those of you who are wondering what … [Read more...]

Beyazıt Book Market: Hunting Out Cookery Books In Istanbul’s Student Zone

The photo below is of Beyazıt Camii in the Beyazıt neighbourhood of Istanbul. We always come to wander around this area when we visit Istanbul because it's a student area and it has a pleasant vibe to it. This particular area is really pretty because you have the backdrop of the mosque, the gardens … [Read more...]

8 Reasons To Go High Street Shopping In Fethiye

Until recently, shopping for clothes in Fethiye was very difficult for me. I gave up in the end and started to do rushed catch-up shopping whenever we were back in England. The reason it was difficult is because there wasn't a lot of choice in the shop department and also, I haven't got the figure … [Read more...]