Turkish Breakfast With Tam Tahıllı Simit…That’s The Healthy Bit

One of the great things about writing this blog over the last few years is we can see how we've changed over time. It's a stream of thought so if we change our mind about something, that's okay. And, for part of today's post, we are once again returning to that staple of Turkish foods, the simit. … [Read more...]

Turkish Food Focus: The Gevrekçi

When it came to feeding ourselves on a budget, Izmir was a happy and unexpected find. We were on a mission to explore as much of the city as possible, so food stops were fuel stops to keep us going until we needed to replenish dwindling energy levels again. Of course, the beauty of Turkey is … [Read more...]

Turkish Food: The Great Simit Gevrek Mystery

Welcome to our second instalment of Turkish Food Photo Friday. Last week, we took you back to our trip to Izmir where we enjoyed a famous Turkish street food, nohutlu pilav. This week, we are again alluding to Izmir and one of Turkey's most famous foods; the simit. The Simit / Gevrek … [Read more...]

Turkish Food: Simit Converts

This post is an apology to, and an ode to, a very famous Turkish food... It was June 2010 that we wrote a blog post about the traditional Turkish simit and, if you remember, we declared that we just couldn't get with the love of simit. In fact, the final sentence in that post expressed hope that … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Simit

We'd be more than willing to bet that you cannot go to any town or city in Turkey without coming across this famous Turkish street snack - simit (a ring of bread topped with sesame seeds). If you are walking round Fethiye, there is still one guy who walks around shouting 'Simitçi!' (simit seller) … [Read more...]