Turkish Food Focus: Sampling Ayran Aşı in Erciş, Van

In last week's Turkish Food Focus, we took you back to the Van region with us, to Erciş, and we indulged in some very tasty, buttery trout, cooked in three different ways. All of this happened at Yeşil Erciş Alabalık, an eatery we went to after watching Van Lake's unique inci kefal (pearl … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Çorbalar (Soups)

Soup; a bit of an institution in Turkey... In Britain, when you come staggering out of whichever pub or club you've been in, at the end of the night the tradition is to go for a kebab...well, if you can call it a kebab...if you can call it food! I think The Streets best described the British … [Read more...]