Spinach Stem Salad Recipes – Ispanak Kökü Salatası

Why make a spinach stem salad, you ask? Let's keep things simple: Most traditional Turkish food is as food should be - you take your ingredients, you make your dish. And if there is anything you have discarded while making your dish, you don't discard it; you make another dish from it. Well, … [Read more...]

Spinach And Eggs Recipe – Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner

Eggs and spinach for breakfast, anyone? Or lunch or dinner, for that matter. If you've never tried this spinach and eggs recipe, we're sure you're going to be converts once you do make it. We go through spells where it's on our menu more than once a week. And that's no bad thing because this dish … [Read more...]

Spinach And Potato Puff Pastry Rolls – A Dream Combination

Ahh, yes. We have discovered the joy of puff pastry. Or, to give it its Turkish name, we have discovered the joy of experimenting with milföy böreği. We're Brits. We know puff pastry well, of course. Pasties and sausage rolls were a staple, growing up. But we had never cooked with it before. Until … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: Domates Soslu Misket Köfte

Ahh, our love of köfte once more makes itself known on this blog. I wonder how many times we've written about it now...recipes for Tekirdağ Köftesi and just good old barbecued köfte; stories of köfte appreciation in Eskişehir and easily the most distinctive version we've tried to date, Doğubeyazıt … [Read more...]

Easter Special: Seven Favourite Turkish Egg Recipes

As this weekend is Easter weekend and we have a distinct lack of any egg-shaped chocolate in the house, we're going to concentrate not on the chocolate variety but on those protein-packed staples that are produced by the chicken. Yes, we like to keep it real, here! We're doing egg recipes! Random … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: Ispanaklı Bulgur Pilavı

Last Sunday, we were on our way to Çalış market and we were feeling the need for food - right now! Most of the time, we opt for gözleme because we can eat this at the pazar - but last week, we just had the taste for kuşbaşılı pide. When the pide arrived, not only was it just what we were looking … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes – Çintar Mushroom & Spinach Börek

This post is a continuation of the celebration of the lactarius deliciosus...the saffron milk cap mushroom...the çintar. We're no experts in the weird world of mushroom identification but we're now suitably convinced that the meaty, tasty çintar mushroom is indeed the Latin phrase … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – A Börek Recipe

A couple of days ago, we went to Fethiye market to buy some yufka. Over the years, we’ve developed a love of cooking and have stopped buying many of the ready prepared goodies from the shelves and deli counters. You’d be amazed how much money it’s saved us, too. We’ve posted some of our recipes … [Read more...]