Çalış Beach Sunset – Photo Of The Day And A December Update

Yes, this is the photo-of-the-day for December 6th in our December New Year countdown. It's been a popular one on our Turkey's For Life Facebook page - don't we all love a good Çalış Beach sunset. It doesn't matter how many photos we take of them, no two are the same. Yesterday was really balmy … [Read more...]

Fethiye Photo: Sunset Cello Recital At Çalış Beach

Yesterday evening was the beginning of a 3-day classical music festival in Fethiye in memory of cellist, Benyamin Sönmez. We'll admit that until the posters went up around the whole area, we'd never heard of Benyamin Sönmez - and I've never much cared for classical music (though Barry's been known … [Read more...]

Çalış Beach Sunset – An April Photo And A Meeting

Each Friday, readers visiting this blog have come to expect a photo of a scene from the Fethiye region. Well, things have gone a little bit skew-whiff throughout April. One Friday, we completely forgot it was Friday but at least we posted a photo tour of Xanthos - a few photos for the price of one. … [Read more...]

Sundial Sunset Over Fethiye – Farewell To Our 2011 Summer Season

In a few hours' time, we'll be on a bus heading up to Istanbul for a well-earned break. Not that there'll be a lot of resting going on - too much Istanbul sightseeing to be done - but the change of scenery and just being in our favourite city is enough to replenish energy that's gradually sapped … [Read more...]

Winter Sunset: Çalış Beach

This is Çalış Beach, near Fethiye in Southwest Turkey and there is one fabulous reason to visit: it has a huge claim to fame. Çalış Beach plays host some of the most beautiful sunsets you will see anywhere in the world. Çalış gets a bit of bad press from some of the more well known guidebooks to … [Read more...]

Evening Stroll to Çalış

Yesterday evening was the first time for what feels like an age that we went for a stroll; a going-nowhere-in-particular saunter. Well, we ended up 'sauntering' along the coast road between Fethiye and Çalış and walked along the beach front. We cheated and got the dolmuş back home. We don't … [Read more...]

Fethiye Sunset – Positives of the Strange Weather

Our Fethiye weather is very strange at the moment - we have never known it to be like this in June. The mornings start off really promising. Blue skies, calm sea and the temperatures are great. Then, lunchtime comes and the clouds appear, the breeze picks up and it goes cooler. Now, don't get us … [Read more...]