Fethiye Photo: A View Of Coldwater Springs From Above

Well, we've not had to do this for a while - you know, that one where the Friday photo becomes the Saturday photo. We have a good excuse for this week in that we were trundling up Turkey's Aegean coast by bus yesterday, for six hours. And then when we arrived in Izmir, and had unpacked and settled, … [Read more...]

Exploring Xanthos – A Photo Tour

Our previous post was a series of photos showing different scenes from the site of the temple of Leto, Letoon. This post is another photo story but this time, all the shots are of different areas of the site of Xanthos. While Letoon was the religious centre of the Lycian Federation, Xanthos was the … [Read more...]

Exploring The Xanthos Valley – Letoon In Photos

In Turkey, there are numerous sites that have been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status - and even more sitting on the tentative list. The ancient site of Letoon, paired up with the site of Xanthos, was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1988 and it's right in our own back yard. Well, nearly. … [Read more...]

Fethiye Day Trip: Letoon to Xanthos – A Walk

If you read this blog a lot, you'll know the Xanthos Valley area is one of our favourite places in Turkey, and in the past, we've written about both Tlos and Saklıkent Gorge. Today, we're heading south from Saklıkent and along the Eşençay (the ancient Xanthos River) to the sites of Letoon and … [Read more...]

Butterfly Valley From The Lycian Way – A Photo

It's Friday and it's time for the last Fethiye photo for the month of March. A couple of weeks back, we had a photo of a view of Fethiye marina from the Karagözler - but the week before that, we were finally able to include an Ölüdeniz shot into the series. The photo is an almost aerial view of … [Read more...]

Ölüdeniz From The Lycian Way: A Photo

Friday is here again. The weeks pass by so quickly and it doesn't seem seven days since we were announcing our new look Facebook page by way of a screenshot containing a photo of Fethiye. But that was last week - and this week we have a first for 2012... Throughout 2012, we're (hopefully) … [Read more...]

Fethiye to Kayaköy: A Winter Afternoon Walk

A few days ago, we were going to Cin Bal in Kayaköy for a bit of a leaving do for a friend. She'd never been before and was determined to try lamb tandır before she left. There were ten of us going and arrangements were going backwards and forwards about how we were getting there. We'll get the … [Read more...]

Wildflowers in Kayaköy

The longer we live in Fethiye, the more interested we become in all that's around us. Over the years, whenever we go trekking, I've started to take an interest in the flora and fauna of the area but that comes with a slight problem in that I don't own any books (I really must buy one) on the … [Read more...]

Trekking in Fethiye Forests – The Processionary Caterpillar

If you've ever been to the Fethiye region of Turkey (or other pine forested areas of Mediterranean Turkey), you will no doubt have noticed the seemingly endless pine forests clinging to the hillsides. And adorning these pine trees, you've probably also noticed balls of white 'fluff' dangling from … [Read more...]

Çalıs Beach: An Alternative Viewpoint…After A Short Climb

Isn't it great when you get an unexpected, pleasant surprise? When you think you've seen all there is to see of an area...and then realise you haven't. Being that it's completely flat, the whole area of Çalış is perfect for people who just don't do hills and for those who enjoy pedalling around … [Read more...]