Visiting Dalyan? Here’s What To See And Do

About an hour's drive from Fethiye, just west of Dalaman Airport and east of Marmaris, sits one of our favourite little towns, Dalyan. Whilst we knew of its existence and proximity to Fethiye, before we moved here in 1998, we'd never visited Dalyan. And when we did finally go a couple of years … [Read more...]

Turtles in Mediterranean Coastal Turkey

Hopefully, you should be able to view a very short video now of Özlem (this name means 'longing') the loggerhead turtle being released back into the wild. Just click on the play button above. Last year we read in the Fethiye Times that Özlem was going to be released on Iztuzu Beach near Dalyan on … [Read more...]

Fethiye Summer Preparations – A Çalış Beach Clean-up

A few days ago, we went for a walk along Çalış Beach - we love it at this time of year when the weather's on the up but everywhere is still closed and sleepy. For me, I think it must come from a childhood of family holidays spent in Fleetwood. Definitely not rock n roll and definitely always sleepy … [Read more...]