Fethiye And Valentine’s Day – Just Sharing The Love

As it's Valentine's Day - or should we say, Sevgililer Günü - we thought we'd pay homage to the day by showing just a smidge of what's going on around Fethiye. Valentine's Day In Fethiye Valentine's Day was almost non-existent in Fethiye just a few years ago, but, these days, if there's a 'day' to … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day In Front Of Turkish TV

Well, we had a perfect Valentine's Day yesterday because we got to do the barbecue we wanted to do. The Fethiye weather held up and even though it was cloudy, it was still really warm so we ate outside. Middle of February and eating outside at night! What's going on? My kısır tasted so much … [Read more...]

Beautiful Weather In Fethiye For Valentine’s Day

Is spring on its way in Fethiye? If it is, it's early but we're not complaining. We've got the snow on Babadağ but there isn't half as much as there normally is. There's normally little pockets where the snow sticks around till the beginning of May but we can't see it lasting much longer if this … [Read more...]