En Route To Akdamar And Meeting Marmaris In Van

Squirming in my seat. Constantly changing positions. Facial contortions and looking out of the window trying to focus on anything that will take my mind off this awful, potentially very embarrassing situation. It's agony. Barry's comforting me. "We're nearly there." Except 'nearly there' isn't … [Read more...]

Road Trip Along The North Shore of Van Gölü – First Stop, Adilcevaz

This was one of those little outings where, when you go to visit a friend in a new place, they have things they really want you to see before you leave. A bit of a quick stop tour. The east of Turkey really isn't close to Fethiye - it's only when you head that way that you really get a feel for … [Read more...]

East Turkey Road Trip Part 1 – Patnos To Muradiye

Oh, do you remember a while back when we told you we were taking you on our East Turkey road trip? We even asked you if you were ready. Well, quite obviously, we weren't ready because we've still not done it. Well, all that is about to change. We have a new determination this week - maybe even a … [Read more...]

Turkish Food Focus: Sampling Ayran Aşı in Erciş, Van

In last week's Turkish Food Focus, we took you back to the Van region with us, to Erciş, and we indulged in some very tasty, buttery trout, cooked in three different ways. All of this happened at Yeşil Erciş Alabalık, an eatery we went to after watching Van Lake's unique inci kefal (pearl … [Read more...]

Turkish Food Focus – Devouring Simply Cooked Trout At Yeşil Erciş Alabalık

For our last blog post, we were in Erciş on the northern shores of Lake Van watching the amazing site that is the inci kefal (pearl mullet) attempting to swim upstream for spawning season. For today's post, we're staying in Erciş and it's the same day. We'd taken photos of the fish - lots of … [Read more...]

Watching Nature In Action – Spawning Season For Lake Van’s Inci Kefal

Every year, in May and June, thousands of fish swim upstream from their home in Lake Van for spawning season. On our recent trip to visit a friend in Eastern Turkey, we were lucky enough to be around just as the annual Inci Kefal migration started. Inci Kefal In Van Lake This is Erciş and … [Read more...]