Oven Baked Potato & Courgette Fritters – Our Take On A Classic Turkish Recipe

Here’s a recipe title for you: Fırında Patatesli Kabak Mücveri. That’s what we’re making in this post. It’s a take on a classic Turkish dish and translates to ‘oven baked potato and courgette fritters’ recipe (or oven baked potato and zucchini fritters for our American readers). As far as we’re concerned the reward for your efforts […]

Chickpea Salad – Turkish Summery Goodness

What are the best salads out there? Well, silly question, really. There are lots, aren’t there? And it’s all down to a matter of opinion. For us, though, the best salads are those that really suit our taste buds. And, if you know us, you’ll know that’s a salad with an abundance of strong flavours…including […]

Cooking With Edible Wild Plants The Turkish Way – Bulgurlu Çiriş Otu Yemeği

There’s something really satisfying about cooking with edible wild plants – that knowledge of eating something that has just sprung up at the side of the road, in a meadow, a forest or in the mountains. No one planted it or cultivated it; the seed just came to be there, and, as it starts to […]

Turkish Green Lentil Salad Recipe – Ideal For Summer!

What to eat when the weather is hot, hot, hot and you know you need to eat…but you just don’t know what you fancy. Nothing too stodgy, that’s for certain. That’s what we’ve been feeling like recently, now that it’s the height of the Fethiye summer. Turkish cuisine is great because of the meze culture. It means […]

Roasted Cauliflower With Yoghurt Dip Recipe

Yoğurtlu Kozlenmiş Karnabahar – or roasted cauliflower with yoghurt sauce to those of us communicating in the English language. This Turkish roasted cauliflower recipe is so easy and tasty – a winner of a side dish, as a meze or as a standalone snack, too. Because, it’s all very well feasting your eyes upon all […]

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe – With A Turkish Twist

“In your face, Brussels sprouts!” That pretty much sums up the feeling when eating Brussels sprouts, these days. They were the final frontier of vegetables we just didn’t like – or buy – and we wanted to face our foodie foe and conquer it. We conquered cauliflower and now, with roasted Brussels sprouts, we’ve won! Brussels […]

Baba Ganoush – A Turkish Meze Of Yoghurt & Aubergine

Summer is well and truly under way now and, despite a little hiccup in the weather over the last few days, the temperatures in Fethiye are on the rise (we know this because our normally cool house is starting to feel warm inside). This is perfect weather for exploring Turkish meze recipes and, in particular, […]

A (Kind Of) Turkish Recipe For Coleslaw – Summer’s Coming

Yes, this is another of those recipes which can’t, strictly speaking, be described as a Turkish recipe. Well, coleslaw is universal isn’t it? We all love a spoonful of coleslaw every now and then, and many of our Turkish friends will put coleslaw of some description onto the meze table when we’re eating with them. […]

Turkish Recipes: Spinach Stem Salad

Let’s keep things simple: Most traditional Turkish food is as food should be – you take your ingredients, you make your dish…and if there is anything you have discarded while making your dish, you don’t discard it; you make another dish from it. Well, it makes sense. Life should be simple like that, shouldn’t it? […]

Fırında Kumpir – Our Take On A Classic Turkish Street Food

Simple food is just the best – and for this Turkish recipe, once again the humble potato shines through. Kumpir is a classic Turkish street food and is better known to us English speakers as baked potato or jacket potato. However, we very rarely eat kumpir when we’re out and about…that’s because, when it comes […]