August Fethiye News – Yachts, Signs & Bayram

And so, yet another month of 2016 has passed, and, once again, it's been a flyer. We've crammed in loads to our month of August in Fethiye so it's time to add the last few weeks to our list of Fethiye news updates. Of course, the end of August means that September is upon us - and we're happy to … [Read more...]

A Fethiye Bay Cruise Ship – Crystal Serenity

We've just been having a lazy Sunday lie-in; not rushing to get out of bed despite the digger's engines rumbling just outside as it (seemingly) single-handedly constructs phase 2 of the new Fethiye harbour. As I was lying there with my morning brew, I was pondering what to write about today on the … [Read more...]

Beautiful Fethiye Weather & A Rare Cruise Ship

How utterly pleasant to be able to wake up to sunshine this morning and walk along the harbour into Fethiye in short sleeves. We've had a very strange April as far as the weather in Fethiye is concerned: wind, rain, cloud, more wind...but more notably, it's been cold. We walked back along the … [Read more...]

Fethiye Vessel Spotting – Eyesore Or Scenic?

We were sitting on the balcony a couple of nights ago, after we'd been to the Tents and it looked as though Şovalye Island had a fire over the opposite side. Then we realised the orange glow was much too steady, rather then flickery. Eventually, the orange glow crawled its way slowly into Fethiye's … [Read more...]

Fethiye Bay Observations – Weather and Boats

An unintentional couple of days without posting and I did have a post in mind for yesterday but I'll save that one for later this week sometime. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or you live in this little corner of Turkey anyway, you'll know that a couple of days ago, the weather in Fethiye … [Read more...]

Back To The Grindstone In Fethiye

We woke up this morning to the sight of this rather attractive private cruiser anchored in Fethiye Bay. It's still there as I write actually, so whoever is on there must be having a fun time. They always look more beautiful in the mornings though because the lighting is different and the surf hasn't … [Read more...]

Fethiye Rumours – Fethiye to Rhodes Catamaran

Allow us to refer you back to a previous post where we mentioned a new catamaran was going to replace the 'daily' hydrofoil from Fethiye to Rhodes. This was supposed to be happening back in January of this year but nothing came of it. And then...we saw an advert showing the new Fethiye to Rhodes … [Read more...]

Another Fethiye Cruise Ship

Yeahy, how exciting! We got up this morning and opened the curtains to see another cruise ship inching its way very slowly as far as it could into Fethiye bay. I mentioned in the previous Fethiye cruise ship post that over the years, I have become a bit boring / obsessed with these cruise ships just … [Read more...]

More Fethiye Summer Season Clues and a Rumour or Two

A few more signs of the Fethiye summer season arriving: We got up a couple of mornings ago and opened the curtains to the usual scene,  and ten minutes later, a great big cruise ship had appeared. There's much debate about Fethiye harbour not being equipped for the size of cruise ships and whether … [Read more...]