Alternative Turkish Weddings – Celebrating The Marriage Of A Favourite Fethiye Couple

(This happy wedding blog post is written with the permission of Nichola and Doğan; the bride and groom. All photos are our own.) Nichola & Doğan's Wedding - Day One... Have you ever been to a celebrity wedding? No, neither have we - but we’re kind of claiming one now. Well, this is Fethiye. … [Read more...]

Weddings in Fethiye: The Turkish Version

Monday's post was all about weddings in Fethiye - but weddings of the foreign variety; people from countries other than Turkey who decide they'd like to get married in Fethiye. Today's post is about our Turkish friends - Turkish friends from Fethiye who have opted to get married in Fethiye. Well, … [Read more...]

Weddings in Fethiye: The Sundial English Version

It's summer, and for Fethiye that means Wedding Season. Every weekend, the evening air is filled with the sound of bands playing and the beating of drums. Fethiye harbour sees a queue of newly-wed couples waiting to have their photos taken with the sun setting behind them. Yes, it seems everyone is … [Read more...]