2018 In Turkey – That Was The Year That Was

What's the end of a year without a little bit of reminiscing, eh? A look back at what has passed. And 2018 has been a packed 365 days for us. As always, that is reflected through the blog - life in Fethiye, life in the kitchen (and various eateries, of course) and a healthy sprinkling of travels, … [Read more...]

A Year In Review – 2017 Highlights Of Our Life In Turkey

We're at that time of year again where, before we go careering headlong into a whole new year that's full of good intentions, resolutions and new goals, we take a look back at the year that's passed. Well, what's December, eh, without a few minutes to sit back and take stock? Have We Turned A … [Read more...]

2016 – Our Highlights From Another Year In Turkey

Here we are again. Almost at the end of the year. And so it's that time where we have a look back at what's passed. 2016 is certainly going to go down as 'turbulent' for many, but that's all the more reason to look back at some personal 2016 highlights and fully appreciate all those little happy … [Read more...]

Happy 6th Blog Birthday To Us

Well, 6 years ago today, we were sat in the house doing nothing in particular and, on a whim, I looked up blog templates online, opened one up and started to type a very first blog post. Barry said, "Let's call it 'Turkey's For Life,'" and 6 years on, we're still typing and photographing and … [Read more...]

Life In Turkey – Welcome To Our New Look

Ohhh, hello! Welcome to the all-new Turkey's For Life. If you're reading this post in your email or in a reader and you're wondering what on earth we're going on about, we're all shiny and new with a complete revamp. We're in completely new territory here - and even typing this post feels quite … [Read more...]

Life In Turkey – 2013 In Review

Things are a bit different for 2013. At this time of year, we usually do three separate blog posts which highlight our year in Turkish food, our year in travelling Turkey and, of course, not forgetting, our year in Fethiye. This year, all of those are being brought together in one post...well, we've … [Read more...]

Why We’re Running Istanbul – A Personal One

The following is an unedited stream of thought... We write about our lives on this blog, but there are certain things this blog doesn't usually need to know. We write about what we get up to in Fethiye and other places in Turkey, but this post is different. This is a window into a different … [Read more...]

2013 – Plans For Our Year In Turkey

Happy new year, everyone! 2013 has arrived and we've hit the ground running as far as the blog and our online presence is concerned. While none of us can predict the future, we're hoping 2013 is going to be an exciting year for us and this month, in particular, is a busy one. We've got big - and … [Read more...]

2012 In Review – The Travelling Turkey Bit

2012 has been a bit different to previous years for us in that we've spent our first twelve months with Turkish residency. This has meant we haven't done any of our regular day trips to Meis so we had a bit of spare travel cash to play with to go somewhere a bit different. Let's have a look at some … [Read more...]

The Famous Taksim – Tünel Historic Tram, Istanbul

Yesterday evening and through the night, Fethiye had its first, long awaited, late summer rain. Heavy skies and humidity preceded it and we were grateful to wake up this morning to flat calm sea, views of the hills and, more importantly, a bit of fresh air. We're starting to wind down now after … [Read more...]