Nature, Fun & Food At Yuvarlakçay Yeşil Vadi Restaurant

There are so many beautiful places you can head to as a day out from Fethiye, without even having to drive that far. We've just had friends here for their summer holiday. They suggested getting a car for the day and going for a little wander. Where to go... We knew they'd been in the Kaş and … [Read more...]

Winter Day Trips From Fethiye – Just Enjoying Üzümlü

After a recent drive to the snow in the mountains around Kırkpınar, we wanted to show our friends the village of Üzümlü; further down the mountain, so much warmer, but still higher than Fethiye. The air is cooler but we still had enough daylight left to have a quick wander around before the sun went … [Read more...]

A Winter Day Trip From Fethiye – The Mountain Area Of Kırkpınar

We're continuing a bit of a tale, here; the tale from when our friends were over for New Year - when we hired a car to enjoy the rare occurrences of sunshine that graced us at least for a couple of days while they were in Fethiye. On the first day, we went down to one of their favourite places and … [Read more...]

A Day At Lake Köyceğiz – Time To Chill

In a previous article, we wrote about another day trip from Fethiye; Sarıgerme Beach. Well, if you're anything like us and you start to feel a bit restless once you've finished admiring the beach scenery, you need somewhere to move on to. Sarıgerme is part of Ortaca and just a tad further along the … [Read more...]

Day Trip From Fethiye – Sarıgerme Beach

In January 2011, we took a few winter photos of Sarıgerme Beach and, since that date, until recently, we'd neither looked at that blog post nor been back to Sarıgerme. When my dad was here in October, that changed. It changed because he'd been earwigging on the plane over to here and had heard a guy … [Read more...]

Day Trip from Fethiye: Saklıkent Gorge in Photos

After the photo of the view along Karaçay, we promised photos of Saklıkent Gorge yesterday. Well, we're a day late, so to compensate, we've added a video too, just for good measure. Saklıkent Gorge, meaning Hidden City Gorge, really is a place that you just have to see for yourself because, no … [Read more...]

Fethiye Day Trip: Saklıkent – View Down Karaçay

Astounding that in a few short weeks, this blog will be two years old and we are yet to do a post on one of the Fethiye region's most famous day trips - Saklıkent Gorge. Well, all that is about to change as yesterday, we jumped on a dolmuş in Fethiye and set off for a day out with friends. We … [Read more...]

Fethiye Day Trip – Göcek In Summer

On Monday, our friends had a late flight from Dalaman airport back to the UK. Rather than us sitting around, waiting and moping all day, we decided to make their last few hours in Turkey a bit more entertaining. We hired a car so we could spend some time in Göcek and Dalyan. You may remember we … [Read more...]

Day Trip From Fethiye To Rhodes

In our previous post, we bade farewell to Meis for a while and said we hope to still go there again in the future on a day trip or overnight stay. Yesterday was very possibly our last visa trip for the foreseeable future so we decided to return to the Greek island of Rhodes; an island we haven't … [Read more...]

The Greek Island of Meis / Kastellorizo – Things To Do

Arriving by ferry to the Dodecanese Greek island of Kastellorizo - or Meis, as it's known in Turkey - just fills you with that complete happy satisfaction that not all in the world is racing along and over-developed. For the traveller craving tranquility, idylls are still very much in existence … [Read more...]