Day Trip From Fethiye – Springtime On Ölüdeniz Beach

Hooray, the sun came out in Fethiye yesterday and as we've got a friend out at the moment who loves beaches and sunbathing, we thought it only right to have a beach day at the beautiful Ölüdeniz. May is the best time for us to go there because neither me nor Barry are particularly great when it … [Read more...]

Bowling in Ölüdeniz – Kumsal Bowling

It's definitely the start of the summer season now in Fethiye because Deep Blue Bar is now open in the daytime too. Well, we felt it only right that we go and christen the beginning of the season by taking a few photos of Paspatur and enjoying a couple of Efes beers in the dappled shade. We had the … [Read more...]

Eating & Drinking in Fethiye – Cafe Cafe

It's a very rare occasion - in fact, we wouldn't be surprised if it never happens again - that you will get us recommending somewhere to go for a coffee in Fethiye. That's because whenever we go anywhere, we usually plump for Efes Pilsen but Cafe Cafe is great if you're wandering around town and you … [Read more...]

Eating & Drinking – Cafe Pazar

It's one of those funny (as in funny, odd) nothing days today. The Fethiye weather is just grey, no breeze at all, a bit misty, might rain, might not. That sort of day. We're off to Fethiye market in a few minutes. That might liven the spirits up, a little. Speaking of markets, we went to Çalış … [Read more...]

Live Music In Deep Blue Bar

We had an absolutely fantastic night last night (and another late one) at Deep Blue Bar. The band in the photo is Bluestone and we've watched them a few times now. Selçuk is an amazing guitarist who you've just got to see - trust us on that one! We think they're going to be playing at the bar … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve in Deep Blue Bar

No post yesterday so Happy New Year. I wasn't physically or mentally capable of very much really. It was just one of those days that you have to get through. I went to bed early and have come up smiling today although Barry is still on the ropey side of good. This is what happens when you play out … [Read more...]