Zentara Beach & Kitchen – Chilling …And Eating!

(This Zentara Beach And Kitchen article was last updated summer 2017) Zentara Beach And Kitchen is in an area that forces us to reminisce. "I remember when all this was fields." That kind of saying that parents used to say. Koca Çalış Before Zentara Beach & Kitchen We're a good few years … [Read more...]

Güven’s Bar & Restaurant – Our Take

Creatures of habit, that's what we are... We're always wandering around the Fethiye area trying out places we've never been to before - and some we go back to every now and then. And then there are those places where it's just a given that, in between visits to all those other beaches, bars and … [Read more...]

El Camino Hostel & Pub – Welcome To Fethiye

For as long as we've known it, Fethiye's Karagözler has always managed to play host to a happy mix of local dwellings (lots of them are very swanky local dwellings, too, we might add), small hotels of the more luxurious variety, mid-priced hotels and backpacker hostels where travellers happily share … [Read more...]

Çalış Kebabs & Dürüm – A Favourite Fethiye Kebab Haunt

"When we eat out, where would you say we go most?" "If we're in Fethiye, Popeye's boat or the kebab place if we're in Çalış." "Yeah, I think that, too...so why have we never written about the kebab place in Çalış?" This was a little conversation between me and Barry a short while back - and … [Read more...]

Turkish Coffee – Served The Dibek Kahvesi Way

How do you take your Turkish coffee? Traditionally, should you feel the urge to get involved in the drinking of Turkish coffee, you can order your Türk kahvesi 'sade' (without sugar), 'orta,' (with a bit of sugar) or 'şekerli' (sugary) - and if your tooth isn't that sweet, you go for the orta. … [Read more...]

Yeşil Asma Yaprağı – Simple Lokantas Are The Best

When it comes to fast food, Fethiye is just packed with choices of where to fuel your belly quickly and cheaply for the day ahead. And nooo, we're not talking about the big international famous fast food chains. (Although there are a number of those too these days). We're talking about Turkish fast … [Read more...]

More Live Music At Deep Blue Bar – This Time In Aid Of Street Animals

There are a lot of people in this world doing good things...and, on Monday night at Deep Blue Bar, a few people got together to do something good. Some of the musicians who have been playing at Deep Blue throughout winter decided to get together and put on a 'bit of a do' to raise some money for … [Read more...]

Calisto Pizza & Beer By The Sea – Don’t Mind If We Do

Çalış Beach in winter always interests us because you get the odd business or two that seem much more lively in the daytime than they do in the busy summer season. Yeah, we know it's the change in weather and all that but you just get used to seeing quiet day times. Then, all of a sudden, there's … [Read more...]

Köfteci İmadettin – You Learn Something New In Fethiye Every Day

So there we were, sat in Cafe Park Teras, and we were just chatting to owner, Tayfun, about different places we like to eat around Fethiye. "Köfteci İmadettin," says Tayfun. "Where?" "Köfteci İmade... Don't tell me you've never heard of Köfteci İmadettin." "Nope. A new one on … [Read more...]

The New-Look Cafe Cafe In Fethiye – Glad To Have It Back

Over the years, we've done a few posts about Cafe Cafe in the centre of Fethiye. It's just one of our go-to places - one of those places where you feel comfortable. We've all got those places. Over the past few weeks and months, Cafe Cafe has been having a major facelift and, while we have missed … [Read more...]