Köfteci İmadettin – You Learn Something New In Fethiye Every Day

So there we were, sat in Cafe Park Teras, and we were just chatting to owner, Tayfun, about different places we like to eat around Fethiye. "Köfteci İmadettin," says Tayfun. "Where?" "Köfteci İmade... Don't tell me you've never heard of Köfteci İmadettin." "Nope. A new one on … [Read more...]

The New-Look Cafe Cafe In Fethiye – Glad To Have It Back

Over the years, we've done a few posts about Cafe Cafe in the centre of Fethiye. It's just one of our go-to places - one of those places where you feel comfortable. We've all got those places. Over the past few weeks and months, Cafe Cafe has been having a major facelift and, while we have missed … [Read more...]

Winter In Fethiye – Hot Drinks All Round

Usually, our weekends on social media - and the blog, too, if we post - are reserved for Turkish food and drink. We're still doing food and drink for this post...but whether or not you decide it's Turkish is up to you. A few months ago, we ventured for our first visit to Fethiye's new shopping … [Read more...]

Sundial Fethiye – End Of An Era Means New Beginnings

The following is written with the full permission and blessing of Murat from Sundial in Fethiye... Well, how many times have we written on this blog that there are always changes in Fethiye and nothing stays still for too long. Some businesses come and go so often, we don't even notice a lot of … [Read more...]

The Baba Fırın Cafe & Bakery Experience – Refreshingly Different For Fethiye

And close your eyes...and take a biiiig, deep breath, taking in that lovely breath of the proverbial fresh air that makes you feel life is good. Because we all need a breath of fresh air from time to time...and a little corner of Fethiye just got one - well, we think so, anyway. Here's a big welcome … [Read more...]

Iskele Restaurant, Fethiye: Kebabs From The Ocakbaşı And More Food, Too

***Update 2019 - Iskele closed in 2018 and a fire burnt the restaurant down in September 2019*** Yesterday started off as me supposedly preparing Rodos Kabağı for lunch and then we would walk into Fethiye because everywhere is just so bright and sunny and clear at the moment (the floods in … [Read more...]

Fethiye Restaurants: Steak Sampling At Mancero Kitchen

When you move to another country, family birthdays and Christmases become events celebrated when you're together again for that short period of time. Yeah, you can post Turkish Christmas gifts or order stuff online to be delivered (we do that, too) but it's still nice to do something altogether, … [Read more...]

Drinking Turkish Coffee Luxury Summer Style – It’s A Slow Learning Process

During the early '90s (and possibly the '80s - depending on where you lived) a phenomenon hit Britain: the coffee shop. Places to go and sit and drink coffee. But they weren't just any old coffees; there was a whole menu of confusion as the world of coffee developed its own vocabulary, understood … [Read more...]

Fethiye Restaurants: Mehtap Lokantası – An Old (Not Very) Regular

Yes. Mehtap Lokantası. It's been around for some years, just sitting on the corner of the main junction in Çalış. We've never seen it packed, despite its large area and number of covers, but customers do come and go...and we come and go, too, very occasionally. There's no reason why we don't … [Read more...]

Fethiye Restaurants – Every Town Needs A Mantı Evi. Fethiye Has Kardeşim Mantı

We're showing some mantı appreciation in the Turkey's For Life world, this weekend. On Friday, we reminded everyone on our Turkey's For Life Facebook page about how much we enjoyed our Kayseri Mantısı in Ankara...probably our best mantı experience to date. In yesterday's post, we posted our own … [Read more...]