Eating Fethiye: Cafe Bahane Indulgence – The Right Place At The Right Time

Yes, sometimes you drop lucky and you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Way back in 2010, we wrote about how happy we were about a new arrival along Çalış Beach. This new arrival was Bahane Bar - and the bar is still going strong - and we're still happy for its existence. It's … [Read more...]

Scott Jeffers & Traveler World Music – A Deep Blue Bar Treat

Summer in Fethiye has kicked off with a bang for us - different groups of friends over from England all at the same time and the days merge into one. A backdrop to all of this was the Fethiye Culture and Arts Days which happens every year and just gets bigger and better each time. We were really … [Read more...]

Eating & Drinking Fethiye: It’s Always Kebap Time At Kebap Time

There are some eateries that open up in Fethiye and, while you're hopeful for them, you can't help but feel it's going to be a struggle. And then there are some that open and they're just there, all of a sudden, looking as though they've been there for years with a good customer base. Just one of … [Read more...]

Eating & Drinking In Fethiye: The HangOut In Ölüdeniz

We don't get over the hill from Fethiye to Ölüdeniz very often...but when we do, we have a few favourite places we like to go to - and then, occasionally, we'll venture to somewhere new just for a change of scenery. Well, we don't want to be getting stuck in our ways, now, do we? Favourites … [Read more...]

Return To King’s Garden Restaurant, Fethiye. This Time We Ate…

The best laid plans... Yes, just over 12 months ago, we wrote a blog post about how we stopped for much needed refreshment at King's Garden Restaurant in Fethiye after we'd walked to the top of Fethiye Lycian rock tombs. The staff were just having a food break during their gardening activities … [Read more...]

Fethiye & Paspatur: Spotlight On Deep Blue Bar

We're always telling you about how new restaurants and bars are popping up in Fethiye, how existing places are being refurbished - or being knocked down and started all over again. We do wander other areas of Fethiye, but our main haunt is Paspatur - and yet we never really write about … [Read more...]

Dürüm At Mozaik Bahçe In Fethiye – What Took Us So Long?

We know we've written about Mozaik Bahçe restaurant in Fethiye on numerous occasions - but we've felt the urge to do another post today. This is because, over the years, we've munched our way through quite a hefty proportion of the menu. I just love their chicken şiş, Barry the lamb, but we often … [Read more...]

Along Fethiye Harbour – Denizatı Restaurant & Bar

Eateries in Fethiye; it's a never-ending, constantly changing, fluid tale. They come / they go / they stick around for years / they completely refurbish - this is how Fethiye rolls. So we'd like to tell you about Denizatı Restaurant & Bar in this post. They're right at the end of phase 2 of … [Read more...]

Anacığım Balık Ekmek – Whatever Istanbul Can Do, Fethiye Can Do, Too

We've all seen the photos - you know the ones; all the ornate boats bobbing about on Istanbul's Golden Horn against the dreamy backdrop of the minarets of Süleymaniye Camii. Inside the boats are griddles, constantly on the go, with rows of mackerel fillets sizzling away, waiting to be placed between … [Read more...]

Saklıbahçe Cafe In Fethiye – It Lives Up To Its Name

However long we live in Fethiye, there's always something new to discover - and yesterday, we took ourselves off in search of another curiosity. Around a month ago, I noticed that a Turkish friend had liked a page on Facebook. Nothing new there - it's a constant in my ticker - except this one said, … [Read more...]