When A Corner Of Bombay Becomes Çalış Beach

We were beginning to get a bit paranoid. Paranoid that whenever we wrote about somewhere good to eat (wherever we are in Turkey, but particularly in Fethiye) we were putting the kiss of death onto the place. One or two of the restaurants or cafes we have written about in the past have, unfortunately … [Read more...]

Anyone For Tost? Iksirci Tezcan In Fethiye Can Sort You Out

When friends and family come to Fethiye on holiday, routine goes through the window and the kitchen becomes a tad neglected as we grab snacks here and there, en route to their hotels and apartments to meet up with them. Fortunately, in Fethiye, this habit doesn't have to break the bank because there … [Read more...]

Turkish Food Focus: It’s Always Barbecue Season In Kayaköy

This week on the blog, in the run up to the Cultural Connections celebrations between 27th April and 3rd May (post coming up), we're going to do a bit of a focus on that beautiful valley just south of Fethiye; Kayaköy. We've written about Kayaköy on numerous occasions but we hadn't been around the … [Read more...]

Dining In Fethiye: Leisurely Lunching At Cafe Cafe

It's the weekend so it's time to switch the focus over to Turkish food once more. Last week was my birthday, so we decided to go out for a long lunch at Cafe Cafe in the centre of Fethiye. We've written about Cafe Cafe a couple of times in the past. It featured in our cosy Fires of Fethiye post … [Read more...]

Fires of Fethiye – A Celebration Of The Open Flame

Over on our Facebook page, we've recently been sharing lots of photos displaying the fantastic sunny weather we're currently enjoying in Fethiye. As well as pleasant sunshine, the signs of spring are also appearing in the form of almond blossom, wildflowers and spring lambs. There's a new jauntiness … [Read more...]

Bülent’in Yeri – A Kayaköy Comfort Blanket

In a town that is constantly growing, changing, evolving; where new eateries regularly appear on the scene, tempting foodies with designer interiors and increasingly innovative menus, we also fully appreciate - and perhaps rely upon - the comforting presence of places like Bülent'in … [Read more...]

Fethiye: The Best Food In The Most Unlikely Places

Mooching about around Fethiye boatyard is a regular pastime for us. We often stroll along the Karagözler, going nowhere in particular, and find ourselves photographing the gülets, daytrip boats and luxury yachts that have come in for repair and general maintenance. It's such an interesting … [Read more...]

Eating Out In Fethiye – Embracing A Little Culinary Variety In Çalış

While we are forever extolling the virtues of Turkish food and recipes on this blog (we even had a Turkish food and recipes week), there are odd occasions during our lives in Turkey that our bodies crave a little change. The UK is packed with Indian restaurants serving dishes that have been created … [Read more...]

Popeye’s Boat, Fethiye – A True Balık Ekmek Treat

***Update 2017 - A bit like the Ship of Theseus (or Trigger's Broom, if you prefer) Popeye's Boat is no longer called Popeye's and is no longer a boat. The business has moved to dry land, and, along with his fish sandwich boat neighbour Cek, can now be found still serving the same fantastic food at … [Read more...]

Deniz Kafe – Stumbling Upon A Fethiye Secret

Those who are familiar with the town will know there is no shortage of harbourside bars and restaurants in Fethiye where it's possible to while away a few hours watching the world go by. Over the years, we've probably frequented all of them at least once, be they established Fethiye institutions, … [Read more...]