Popeye’s Boat, Fethiye – A True Balık Ekmek Treat

***Update 2017 - A bit like the Ship of Theseus (or Trigger's Broom, if you prefer) Popeye's Boat is no longer called Popeye's and is no longer a boat. The business has moved to dry land, and, along with his fish sandwich boat neighbour Cek, can now be found still serving the same fantastic food at … [Read more...]

Deniz Kafe – Stumbling Upon A Fethiye Secret

Those who are familiar with the town will know there is no shortage of harbourside bars and restaurants in Fethiye where it's possible to while away a few hours watching the world go by. Over the years, we've probably frequented all of them at least once, be they established Fethiye institutions, … [Read more...]

In Appreciation Of Fethiye Yörük Çadırları

Two years ago, we wrote about The Tents at Çalış Beach. Well, that's just what we call them, but their full, correct name is actually Fethiye Yörük Çadırları (Fethiye Nomad Tents). The nomad tents have sat at the end of Çalış Beach for years and, for that, we're very grateful - hence another post … [Read more...]

Cafe Park Teras, Fethiye – A True Terrace Bar Experience

Is Cafe Park Teras our favourite terrace bar in Fethiye? Well, having been enjoying its views and tipples since its opening in 2010, it's probably fair to say that that is indeed the case. We like to wander around the myriad of feeding and watering holes around Fethiye but there's always the old … [Read more...]

Fethiye: How To Get To The Sundial Under Your Own Steam

If you know this blog, you'll know that we mention the Sundial Hotel quite a lot. That's because it's not a bad way to while away some of your time while you're in the Fethiye area. The views over Fethiye bay and the rest of the town are amazing because the restaurant and pool sit high on the … [Read more...]

Popstar Dining At Yacht Classic Hotel – Chateaubriand Luxury

There's been a definite running theme for us this summer - food! It all started in April/May in Italy where we spent eight days making sure we sampled as much Italian food as possible. We didn't make a bad job of it, either. We've eaten classic Turkish street food in Istanbul and here in Fethiye, … [Read more...]

Along Fethiye Harbour – The Comforting Presence Of Hello Büfe

Exploring new places is fun. Embracing change is great. We love a lot of the recent changes that have been made - and are being made - to Fethiye at the moment (okay, there's a couple of dubious topiary placements in the new Fethiye town square but we'll get over it) and have sampled many of the new … [Read more...]

The Olive Garden Kabak – A Taste Of ‘Getting Away From It All’

In a past article, we took you on a journey from the maze of hotels in Ölüdeniz, and up along the remote, mountain road that leads to Faralya (Uzunyurt) and eventually to the neighbourhood of Kabak. We stopped a few times en route to take in the amazing scenery and to try to capture it on camera … [Read more...]

A Seafood Feast At Girida Balık Restaurant

We live in Fethiye. We know Fethiye. Well, of course we know Fethiye - but you should never rest on your laurels. There's always something new to learn about wherever you may reside. In Fethiye's case, there's always restaurants or bars that we've never tried, be it newly-opened or a local … [Read more...]

Eating Out – Günışık Restaurant, Çalış

Yesterday's Fethiye photo was in support of that endangered species of Turkish restaurant food otherwise known as 'real chips.' At the end of the post, we said we would tell you which establishment was responsible for serving the golden hunks of loveliness that were the subject of the photo, and so, … [Read more...]