End of Summer in Fethiye – It’s Official

Just as the last of the summer holiday visitors are starting to leave the Fethiye region, Fethiye is kicking into winter action. So, what are some of the tell tale signs that the colder months are creeping in? The Harbour - Last winter, I was posting photos of the skeletons of buildings along … [Read more...]

Eating and Drinking in Fethiye: Mozaik Bahçe

We realised when we did the Fethiye Eating & Drinking tab that we hadn't actually written about a lot of the places we listed - so we're going to put that right, right now. Well, for one of the places anyway. More places to come in time. You're following our work in progress here sorry. We have … [Read more...]

Eating & Drinking – Kendin Pişir Kendin Ye – Cin Bal

We've already done a post on 'Kendin Pişir, Kendin Ye' (Cook it yourself, eat it yourself) and for us, Kayaköy is the home of Kendin Pişir, Kendin Ye and Cin Bal (pronounced Jin Bal) is the pioneer of this type of al fresco dining. It was an idea of genius as far as we're concerned and Cin Bal, for … [Read more...]

Our Giant Guide To Fethiye Fish Market

Fethiye fish market; one of the town's most famous tourist attractions, a popular night out, a lunching spot for lots of locals - and also one of our favourite places for doing our food shopping, too. Yes, Fethiye fish market and the surrounding shops and stalls have a special draw for us. So let us … [Read more...]

Eating & Drinking – The Tents, Çalış Beach

Like us, most of our friends are music lovers and so when they come out to Fethiye to visit us, a night out revolves around the places playing the best music. Of course, Deep Blue Bar is where most evenings are spent (the reason we started going there ten years ago was because we preferred the music … [Read more...]

A Day Trip To Kayaköy – Kendin Pişir, Kendin Ye!

We live in a beautiful area of Turkey and are very lucky that when we want to go out for the day, we don't have to travel far from Fethiye to reach any number of amazing places. Kayaköy (labelled as the 'ghost village' in tourist brochures) is one such place. We trek to Kayaköy quite often in the … [Read more...]

Fethiye McDonald’s Open – And a Round Up, Too

Well here it is in all it's glory - the brand new, open McDonald's Fethiye. We took this photo whilst walking home from Deep Blue Bar in the small hours of the morning on Wednesday night / Thursday morning and it was still open. We've got no idea of it's going to be open so late all the time or … [Read more...]

Day Trip From Fethiye – Springtime On Ölüdeniz Beach

Hooray, the sun came out in Fethiye yesterday and as we've got a friend out at the moment who loves beaches and sunbathing, we thought it only right to have a beach day at the beautiful Ölüdeniz. May is the best time for us to go there because neither me nor Barry are particularly great when it … [Read more...]

Cafe Pazar – A Sunday Favourite

It's one of those funny (as in funny, odd) nothing days today. The Fethiye weather is just grey, no breeze at all, a bit misty, might rain, might not. That sort of day. We're off to Fethiye market in a few minutes. That might liven the spirits up, a little. Speaking of markets, we went to Çalış … [Read more...]

Live Music In Deep Blue Bar

We had an absolutely fantastic night last night (and another late one) at Deep Blue Bar. The band in the photo is Bluestone and we've watched them a few times now. Selçuk is an amazing guitarist who you've just got to see - trust us on that one! We think they're going to be playing at the bar … [Read more...]