March In Fethiye – Spring Weather And A Birthday

Wow, these monthly Fethiye updates seem to come round quickly. So it's almost the end of March and Spring has definitely sprung. Gardens are being planted up, bars and restaurants that have been closed for the winter are being cleaned and painted and the usual Fethiye sounds of March ring in your … [Read more...]

Fethiye In February – What’s The Story?

Last month, we started a new series on the blog where we'll do a little round up of random goings on that are taking place around Fethiye - those things that kind of all crumple together and wouldn't otherwise make it into a blog post, but they still give you a picture of daily life. Of course, … [Read more...]

What’s Going On In Fethiye This Month? Let’s See…

Something a bit different for 2014 for the blog. There are lots of goings on in Fethiye - and in our life - that either never make it into a post or we have to squash them in somewhere at the expense of another post. So we've decided, once a month...or so...(in our usual haphazard way) we'll put a … [Read more...]

Changing Fethiye: The New Centre?

For quite a few years now, since the extension to Fethiye's harbour began, we've been hearing rumours that such and such an area is going to be considered the new centre of Fethiye. This apparent 'new centre' has shifted its whereabouts considerably over the years, depending on who you are talking … [Read more...]

Change To The Visa Rules For Brits In Turkey – An Update

An important news update: Many British people in Turkey have been wondering about the changes to the visa rules and it appeared everything was going to be definite. A 180 day visa which entitled the visitor to a stay of 90 days. Well, it's like the Fethiye McDonald's saga we wrote many a blog … [Read more...]

Shopping in Fethiye – Kipa Has Arrived!

We've only gone and done it! We've caved in to our own curiosity and just had to go to Kipa Fethiye to see what the excitement was all about. People reading this blog in other parts of Turkey such as Izmir and Istanbul will probably know all about Kipa but for those of you who are wondering what … [Read more...]

Fethiye Rumours – Yes It Is!

Look at this - two posts in one day. Well, it had to be done. On a dull and stuffy Fethiye day, we walked up to the Friday market to get some supplies for our friend's arrival...and also to see what the McDonald's looked like. Well, it looks like the Fethiye rumour that became a definite and then … [Read more...]

More Fethiye Summer Season Clues and a Rumour or Two

A few more signs of the Fethiye summer season arriving: We got up a couple of mornings ago and opened the curtains to the usual scene,  and ten minutes later, a great big cruise ship had appeared. There's much debate about Fethiye harbour not being equipped for the size of cruise ships and whether … [Read more...]

Fethiye Rumours – Were They Just Rumours Then?

Here are two prime examples of why we just take Fethiye - and maybe the rest of Turkey - as it is, right in the moment. Logic tells you something is going to happen soon. You might read a story in the local press, you might see a poster, you might assume something is going to happen because you … [Read more...]

Fethiye Summer Preparations – A Çalış Beach Clean-up

A few days ago, we went for a walk along Çalış Beach - we love it at this time of year when the weather's on the up but everywhere is still closed and sleepy. For me, I think it must come from a childhood of family holidays spent in Fleetwood. Definitely not rock n roll and definitely always sleepy … [Read more...]