Erasta Fethiye – A Shopping Centre For Families And Rainy Days

Did you read our last post about our first impressions of Erasta AVM, Fethiye's new shopping centre? Well, do you remember that bit where we said we were going again to take all in and have a proper look round...and I wanted to buy some shoes...and my opinion of Erasta could be skewed either way … [Read more...]

Shopping In Fethiye: Erasta AVM – First Impressions

This post is going to be in two parts. For this one, it's a 'first impressions' type of post - and the reason for this is, well, we can only give you first impressions of Erasta at the moment. When we went with friends a couple of weeks ago, it was for a quick wander around the inside and then a … [Read more...]

To Kabak: What Goes Up Must Come Down – And Back Up Again

So there we were, enjoying a birthday break with friends by way of a peaceful, chilled out overnight stay at the Olive Garden in Kabak. We'd pencilled in a hike down to the beach this time so that we could visit the brand new camp of someone we know - we're nosey, like that. And, even though we'd … [Read more...]

Watersports, Sunbathing, Eating, Drinking? Head For Surf Cafe In Koca Çalış

There's a few places we like to take friends to visit along Çalış Beach, and these are also places we like to visit randomly whenever the mood takes us. Fethiye Surf Centre has been a constant of our time around those parts. Before other places popped up, we used to go to that area with a friend in … [Read more...]

Souvenir Shopping In Fethiye – 2 Ways To Keep It Local, Fethiyespor-Style

This is a blog post prompted by a couple of conversations that have cropped up with visiting friends over the last week. At first, this post was going to be a quick update on our Turkey's For Life Facebook page but then, the more it unfolded in 'head writing,' the longer the update looked. Hence, … [Read more...]

When The Kids Of Fethiye Came Into Their Own And Led By Example

Last week, I wrote an open letter to the ladies of Fethiye; a letter that described the punishment handed out to Fethiyespor following their first home game of the season against Balıkesirspor. The punishment was that only ladies and kids are allowed into the stadium for the next two home games, and … [Read more...]

An Open Letter To The Ladies Of Fethiye From A Lady Of Fethiye

Dear Ladies It's like this; on Saturday 14th September at 8pm, local football team, Fethiyespor will play against Bucaspor. Fethiyespor really need to win this game and really need lots of support...except there's a slight problem, and that's where the ladies come in. You see, during the last … [Read more...]

A Weekend With Agent L Part 2 – The Fethiyespor Bit

Continuing from yesterday's post about the Koca Çalış flamingos, Agent L was set to leave us on Sunday morning. But there's a football match on this night and it's not just any football match; it's Fethiyespor's first ever home game in PTT 1. Lig. It's historic. We persuade her to stick around for … [Read more...]

15 Fantastic Reasons To Support Fethiyespor

The following is a collaboration between ourselves and some of the Fethiyespor supporters who are behind the blog Fethiyespor 1933. They're a dedicated bunch (okay, they live and breathe Fethiyespor) and they're currently on a mission to recruit more supporters for the team, including those of the … [Read more...]

Sailing And Eating (Lots) Around Fethiye’s Blue Bays

When friends are in Turkey to visit, one of the staple Fethiye days out is the boat trip. Whether it's the Sunday boat trip to Göcek, a tour around the 12 Islands or a private Blue Bays boat trip, they're all a perfect (and economical) way to spend a few hours on the Mediterranean. Many regulars … [Read more...]