Aksazlar Beach, Fethiye – Perfect Chillout Zone

Dazzling white sands, sea gently lapping on the shore, lush green forest as a backdrop. No, we're not in the Maldives. We're at Aksazlar Beach in Fethiye. A few years ago, whenever people came to Fethiye for a summer holiday, the general assumption used to be that if a day at the beach was in … [Read more...]

Çalış Sunday Market – A Guide

Regular visitors to this blog will know we have a love of markets; markets of the foodie variety. We visit our local ones here in Fethiye three times a week; Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays are spoken for in our house. And, if we miss one of those, we've even been known to head to the Saturday … [Read more...]

Butterfly Valley From The Lycian Way – A Photo

It's Friday and it's time for the last Fethiye photo for the month of March. A couple of weeks back, we had a photo of a view of Fethiye marina from the Karagözler - but the week before that, we were finally able to include an Ölüdeniz shot into the series. The photo is an almost aerial view of … [Read more...]

Exploring Fethiye: The Lycian Rock Tombs In Photos

On Sunday, we told you that we had decided to make the most of the fabulous spring Fethiye weather and follow some of our own advice about things to do in Fethiye. It's time to get out there and make the most of what's on offer right on our doorstep so we kicked things off by taking another stroll … [Read more...]

Ölüdeniz From The Lycian Way: A Photo

Friday is here again. The weeks pass by so quickly and it doesn't seem seven days since we were announcing our new-look Facebook page by way of a screenshot containing a photo of Fethiye. But that was last week - and this week we have a first for 2012... Throughout 2012, we're (hopefully) … [Read more...]

Fethiye Boat Trips – The Blue Bays

The coastline and islands in and around the gulf of Fethiye make it just perfect for boat trips. Recently, we've taken advantage of this a few times by doing the Göcek market boat trip - just a great, cheap day out for us. However, if you're not the sort of person who wants to be on a public boat … [Read more...]

Visiting Fethiye Museum

Confession time. We've been in Fethiye nearly 8 years, on and off, and in all that time, despite saying, 'We ought to visit Fethiye Museum some day,' we'd never made it till a couple of days back. It took the delivery of the newly discovered statues at Tlos to gee us up into finally making a … [Read more...]

Tlos – Exciting Excavations At Fethiye Museum

Imagine being an archaeologist on a dig - I'd love to be one - scraping away at the earth day after day. You might find a little clay pot or the odd earring every now and then. Apart from that, days are probably pretty uneventful but all the time you'd be secretly hoping for the big find; the one … [Read more...]

Wildflowers in Kayaköy

The longer we live in Fethiye, the more interested we become in all that's around us. Over the years, whenever we go trekking, I've started to take an interest in the flora and fauna of the area but that comes with a slight problem in that I don't own any books (I really must buy one) on the … [Read more...]

Fethiye To Göcek Boat Trip: Photo Story

We posted about the boat trip from Fethiye to Göcek market last year and, last Sunday, we made the trip again. In this post, we'd like you to join us on our outing as we sail from Fethiye, across the bay to beautiful Göcek and back again. Our journey begins at 11 am, just after all the other … [Read more...]