Turkish Seasonal Food – Cold Tomato Soup Recipe

Back in June we celebrated the arrival of the giant, summer, Turkish tomatoes and posted a recipe for tomato salad. Well, we're just about surviving the Fethiye July heat and mentally preparing ourselves for a predicted temperature rise over the coming weekend.a Enter the tomato. Such a … [Read more...]

Turkish Seasonal Food – Giant Tomato Celebration

We might be wilting a little in this intense summer heat but with the intense summer heat comes the ultimate, summer-seasonal-food reward - the enormous, Turkish tomato. We've discussed our love of this seasonal tomato in the past and yesterday, the stalls of Çalış market were once again piled high … [Read more...]

Not Very Turkish Recipes: Homemade Lasagne

Today's recipe is not a Turkish recipe by any stretch of the imagination, so how has a recipe for homemade lasagne made it into our blog? Well, you may remember last Wednesday's blog post was all about our love for visiting Istanbul and, at the end of it, we said we would be in Istanbul again in … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – A Recipe For Winter Chutney

Wednesday's post was a cheerful display of the contrasting autumn / winter colours of the seasonal food that currently tempts the food shopper on Fethiye market - velvety plums, blushing apples, the vibrant orange of mandalinas and the rich, brown chestnuts that sit comfortably alongside the vibrant … [Read more...]

A Not Turkish Recipe – Ratatouille

I know ratatouille isn't a Turkish recipe - but as part of trying to eat healthily for our fast approaching run, we had it for tea a few nights ago. And of course, we made it with Turkish ingredients so it's kind of Turkish. I've never particularly liked ratatouille - what's so interesting about … [Read more...]

Çintar Mushroom Risotto Recipe

It's that time of year again; the days are shorter and cooler, there's a dampness to the cold night air...and the beautiful çintar mushrooms sprout beneath the pine trees of Fethiye. As you are no doubt aware by now, we enjoy our Turkish seasonal produce and the çintar mushroom season is one we … [Read more...]

British Turkey Cravings – Crumpets

Whenever we're sat in bars, restaurants or wherever and we get chatting to non-Turkish people, we're always asked, 'What do you miss about England? You must miss different foods.' Well, we wouldn't be normal if we didn't miss anything. We miss the Lake District in the Northwest of England as we used … [Read more...]

The Perfect Evening Meal – With Turkish Ingredients

Have you ever found that sometimes when you're making tea (or dinner - depending where you're from in the world) and you're not expecting too much from it, it ends up being a revelation; a perfect tea? That's what's happened to us tonight so we're feeling the need to share our fantastic tea with … [Read more...]

Homemade Muesli Recipe – It’s Fuel For The Whole Day

Whenever we're shopping at Fethiye market or at the Sunday market in Çalış, we're usually shopping for good, fresh produce - whatever appeals to us on the day - as well as the staples like potatoes and onions. Other times, we'll top up our dairy goods and olive selection. And then, once every so … [Read more...]