It’s Erik Season – Turkey’s Love Of Greengage Plums

Before you begin reading this article all about erik, let us first tell you that this is an updated article. Well, after a good few years of living in Turkey, our knowledge has improved a tad. This has been with the help of our own reading and research and also as a result of reader comments. … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Sucuk (Turkish Sausage)

Sucuk (pronounced sujuk) is just gorgeous. It's traditional Turkish sausage and you'll see it described on some English menus as 'garlic sausage.' We think this is misleading. It's a spicy sausage and the nearest taste to it is the Italian pepperoni which you get on a pizza. A fantastic and … [Read more...]

Fethiye & Turkey Street Food – Kokoreç

We can only speak for the UK here, but you can't beat pulling over at the side for the road for a good meaty snack when the opportunity arises. Usually in Britain, it's someone doing a really good burger from a burger van and you always feel really satisfied after you've eaten it. The second time … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Patlıcan Biber Kızartması

Patlıcan Biber Kızartması (Fried aubergine and pepper in olive oil and tomatoes) was one of the first home-cooked Turkish recipes we tried when we moved to Fethiye. We were round at a Turkish friend's house and his mum had made some for us. It's not the most appetising looking of dishes and it's … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Fethiye Pickles; My Recipe

Pickles are just a fact of life in Turkey. You eat pickles with your food. That's it. It's very rare you won't see pickles (turşu) of some variety on the table when you're served a meal. And this suits us just fine! If you buy your pickles, try to go to a place that does homemade turşu, like … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Them Round Courgettes!

At the moment, there are loads of these almost spherical courgettes on Fethiye market and we absolutely love them. We're not sure if there any traditional Turkish dishes that use this type of courgette in particular but we've certainly never seen any - and the last time we went to the market with … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Fethiye Snacks For The Sweet Tooth

We shared a tatlı between us as we walked along Fethiye harbour this afternoon so we're having a rare post on the sweeter side of Turkish cuisine. We're sure tatlı a different, more official name but when they're being sold from the little carts, they're just described as tatlı (sweet). If ever … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Çiriş And Courgette Flowers

Two photos today for the seasonal food that's on the markets around Fethiye at the moment. Spring is always going to mean an abundance of different fruit and vegetables - and there really is an abundance right now - so we're trying to keep up with it all. Seasonal Food In Turkey - What is … [Read more...]

Seasonal Food in Turkey – Çağla

Spring has been slowly appearing on Fethiye and Çalış market in the form of seasonal fruit and veg but this week's Tuesday market in Fethiye was just a joy. Most of the springtime produce was in evidence and in abundance. We loved it because a new season has started and it was visible. So, what … [Read more...]

Ezme Recipe – Spicy Antep Ezmesi

Antep Ezmesi: what can we say? We're fully aware that we're always saying different Turkish dishes are favourites for us...but then another food always springs to mind...and that's a favourite, too. But Antep Ezmesi is one of the originals. An old faithful that's always been on our meze table … [Read more...]