Drinking Turkish Coffee Luxury Summer Style – It’s A Slow Learning Process

During the early '90s (and possibly the '80s - depending on where you lived) a phenomenon hit Britain: the coffee shop. Places to go and sit and drink coffee. But they weren't just any old coffees; there was a whole menu of confusion as the world of coffee developed its own vocabulary, understood … [Read more...]

Sipping Turkish Coffee – This Time It’s The Van Way

When in Turkey, there's no escaping Turkish coffee (Türk kahvesi) and to the first time, novice sampler, it can be an unpleasant experience - especially if no one bothers to warn you about the grains at the bottom of the cup! (We once forgot to inform a friend about this and he poured the whole … [Read more...]

Sipping Turkish Coffee The Izmir Way – They Do Things Differently Here

We'll go into more detail about the Kemeraltı area of Izmir in a later post, but if you've ever been to Istanbul, it's easy to compare the streets around Kemeraltı to a more compact version of the surrounding alleyways of Kapalı Çarşısı (the Grand Bazaar). Perfect for aimless wanderings. Not so … [Read more...]

A Recipe For Turkish Coffee – Summer-Style

It all started when we were sitting outside Deep Blue Bar a couple of weeks back. It was hot and humid in Fethiye and we were sheltering underneath the cooling vines of Paspatur. The group of people at the next table had all ordered iced coffees and when the owner came to sit with us, he brought a … [Read more...]

(Fethiye) Mulled Wine Recipe – Christmas In A Cup

Freezing cold December nights in Manchester city centre - and all of them made toasty, comforting and festive by the sight of a series of wooden huts in the square, softly lit and packed with handmade goodies, European foods...and stalls with huge simmering cauldrons of spiced, hot, red wine. A … [Read more...]

Turkish Beer: Efes Gusta Wheat Beer

Back in November we wrote about an interesting variation on the Efes Dark beer theme. That was no ordinary dark beer. That particular beer was Efes Dark Kahve Aromalı; a dark beer with a hint of coffee flavouring. It's not a beer we could drink all night, but it's definitely a good winter tipple and … [Read more...]

Turkish Beer: Efes Dark…With A Coffee Twist

It's fair to say that Turkey is not well known for its vast choice of beers. Browsing the drinks menu in any bar, you're not going to be bamboozled with a bewildering display of new and interesting alcoholic beverages. These days, we don't even bother looking at the menus because we always opt for … [Read more...]

How To Make Turkish Coffee

On our latest trip to Istanbul, we paid a visit to the historic headquarters of Turkey's most famous ground coffee producer, Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi and Barry bought a small packet of ground Turkish coffee to bring back to Fethiye; a souvenir of our time in Istanbul. It seemed a shame to do … [Read more...]

Turkish Coffee – Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi

The Turks are very proud of their coffee and describe Turkish coffee as their gift to the world. Ask anyone in Turkey what the most famous brand of Turkish coffee is and, without hesitation, the reply will be Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi. These days, under the ownership of Mehmet Efendi's … [Read more...]

Turkish Beer: Efes Pilsen

Picture the scene. You're lazing on a sun lounger along Belcekiz Beach in Ölüdeniz. It's the height of summer with temperatures heading towards 100 degrees and the sun's intense heat reflects off the pebbles on the beach. Perspiration and spray from the crashing waves leaves your lips dry and … [Read more...]