What To Do With Lavash Bread – Our Latest Indulgence From Our Local Bakery

Back in February 2013, we wrote a blog post about the treats of our local bakery. Our local bakery has changed hands many times - it's difficult for them to make enough money - but the recent owners are hanging on in there. We always try to support our local businesses anyway, but our bakery … [Read more...]

Eating In Eskişehir: Çibörek Or Çiğ Börek; It Still Tastes The Same

Before we set off on the first leg of this year's Turkey travels, we asked people on our Facebook page if there was any special food we shouldn't miss while we were in Eskişehir. For us, visiting a new place is as much about the food as it is the scenery. In Izmir, we loved the Turkish street … [Read more...]

Turkish Food Focus – Treats Of The Local Bakery

Most people who visit Turkey fall in love with Turkish bread right from that very first moment when it passes their lips. When fresh, the standard Turkish loaf should be crisp on the outside and soft and light in the centre. Upon sitting down to a meal, the diner insists to themselves, "Only a … [Read more...]

Turkish Food: Simit Converts

This post is an apology to, and an ode to, a very famous Turkish food... It was June 2010 that we wrote a blog post about the traditional Turkish simit and, if you remember, we declared that we just couldn't get with the love of simit. In fact, the final sentence in that post expressed hope that … [Read more...]

Ramazan Pide Bread – A Special Treat For The Holy Month

Turkish bread is nothing short of paradise to your taste buds! Whenever friends come to see us, one of the first things they want to do is go to the nearest little bakery or market and buy some fresh bread. It's just so warm, crusty on the outside, hollow-sounding, soft-centred, light...the perfect … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Bazlama Bread

Bazlama - otherwise known as 'village bread' - is a type of Turkish bread that we have developed a huge fondness for of late. As you can see in the photo, Bazlama is a large, round, flat bread and it's our weekend treat. If you're familiar with the gözleme stands at Turkish markets, you may … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Pide

We did our first ever blog post all about our life in Turkey back in November and we can't believe it's taken this long to get round to writing about the amazing Turkish food, pide. Oh well, all good things come to those who wait, as they say and pide is more than good! Pide (pronounced pee-dE) … [Read more...]