Ortaköy Kumpir – A Party In A Baked Potato

In this post, we want to talk about a Turkish street food favourite: Ortaköy Kumpir. Kumpir is available in many of Turkey's towns and cities but there is one little neighbourhood that is oh-so-famous for this slightly peculiar member of the Turkish street food family. First of all, let us set the … [Read more...]

Çiğ Köfte – With Meat Or Without Meat?

We're sure he won't mind us telling you this - well, we're telling you anyway, aren't we - but our lovely friend Anıl, Mr Tech Expert, foXnoMad, has a bit of a penchant for (or addiction to) çiğ köfte. He loves the stuff. In March-April of this year, he came to stay with us in Fethiye for a few … [Read more...]

Galata Street Food – Follow Your Nose For Kokoreç

Istanbul is as much about eating as it is about wandering and sightseeing. Well, at least it is for us, anyway, and, as we're writing this post from the city right now, we've already had the discussion of what we're going to eat for lunch when we go out later on. We're staying in the Galata area of … [Read more...]

Turkish Breakfast With Tam Tahıllı Simit…That’s The Healthy Bit

One of the great things about writing this blog over the last few years is we can see how we've changed over time. It's a stream of thought so if we change our mind about something, that's okay. And, for part of today's post, we are once again returning to that staple of Turkish foods, the simit. … [Read more...]

2014 – Eating Fethiye And Some Other Highlights, Too

We're well into December now so we think it's about time we looked back at what 2014 brought for us. We like these posts because we have to go back through the archives and look at the blog posts we've done throughout the year - they throw up lots of, "Oh yeaahh, awww forgot about that, that was … [Read more...]

Fethiye In December – Pickling And Preserving And Counting Down

A little bit of catching up to do with our December photo-a-day countdown to New Year, but that's okay. We need to fit other blog posts in, too, and we'd been itching to do our all new Cafe Cafe post for a few days so that update had to be yesterday, seeing as we like to concentrate on Turkish food … [Read more...]

Fethiye – Winter – Street Food – Istanbul – A Stream Of Thought

December on the blog has been really interesting for us. December is the month where we - and just about every other blog / publication / tv or music show out there - look back on the year that's passed and then write various posts about it. And we will be doing that...It's just that we've kind of … [Read more...]

Köfte Ekmek – Simplicity Is Tough To Beat

As you'll know, if you dip into this blog on a relatively regular basis that is, we're quite partial to the odd bit of köfte every now and then. No, correct that; we love köfte! It's got to be homemade köfte of course. None of this processed nonsense. And thankfully, there are a few places around … [Read more...]

Karaağaç Black Tree Farm & Cottages – Spit Roasted Lamb For Dinner

(The following post is a fun, tongue-in-cheek affair and we had a great day out, thanks to being driven up there by Mr Osman. Oh yeah, and we did check with him first before we published photos of him on our blog. Oh yeah, and we're sure he must have done a stint turning the lamb... at some … [Read more...]

9 Turkish Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

It's not often we write about Turkish desserts or sweetie goodness on this blog because neither of us has a particularly sweet tooth. However, as Ramazan Bayramı is once more upon us and, as this is the time when people tend to indulge in foods of the sugary variety, now seems like the perfect time … [Read more...]