Five Fab Summer Turkish Meze Dishes For Barbecue Season

"Ahhh, summer. My favourite day of the year..." This is stolen from our friend's status update on Facebook and it made us titter. He lives in the UK! However, the semi-arrival of summer in the UK (we know it's intermittent, at best), and a few people subsequently asking us about our favourite … [Read more...]

Turp Otu Salatası – A Recipe For Wild Radish Leaf Salad

It's been a long winter in Fethiye, but the heat of the sun is finally starting to show signs of victory over the colder temperatures and with that comes thoughts of lighter meals. It's out with the heavy stews and casseroles and in with the meze and salad dishes. Granted, we're a long way from … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: A Meze Of Broccoli

At the end of March 2011, we decided it was about time we grew up and ate some of the vegetables we had both avoided as much as possible when we were younger - that meant it was time to take the plunge, go to Fethiye market and purchase the dreaded broccoli. We made yoğurtlu brokoli and discovered … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: Biber Dolması (Stuffed Peppers With Rice)

The first time we came across biber dolması, we were staying with a Turkish friend and his family for a few days. Early in the day, mum was already preparing the evening meal and I remember glancing at the hob and seeing a pan with a glass lid, steam hissing through the gaps every now and then. … [Read more...]

Turkish Okra Recipes: Okra In Olive Oil (Zeytinyağlı Bamya)

If you've read our article about the health benefits of okra, you'll know it was those health benefits, coupled with a Turkish dish served to us by our friend's mum, that forced us to give okra recipes one last shot before the vegetable defeated us altogether. Okra in olive oil (zeytinyağlı bamya) … [Read more...]

Turkish Aubergine Salad Recipe – Ideal For Summer

In the UK, we call them aubergines but a more common word for those plump, dark vegetables appears to be eggplant. However, as translations of the Turkish dish "patlıcan salatası" tend to say aubergine salad on restaurant menus, we'll go with the flow and stick with that, rather than eggplant … [Read more...]

Geren – A Yoghurt-Based Meze With A Taste Of The Sea

This is an updated post from the original so that the recipe is easier to follow and the photos are improved. It's also an update because we've never seen geren in the meze fridges of restaurants since the experience we had in Dalyan. We can tell you, though, that that means a lot of people are … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: Crispy-Fried Morel Mushrooms

Have you ever tried a really expensive and rare food and then wondered what all the fuss was about? Can a food really be that good? After this year's Üzümlü Mushroom Festival, we were really curious about the morel mushroom; so expensive in the UK but an affordable seasonal food in Turkey - as a … [Read more...]

A Turkish Potato Salad Recipe: Patates Salatası

Potato salad - it's a classic dish, isn't it, but never tastes the same wherever you go to eat. Each person who makes it has their own potato salad recipe and, over our years of living in Turkey, we're quite comfortable with our own Turkish potato salad recipe after experimenting with different … [Read more...]

Turkish Pickled Red Cabbage Recipe

Today has been a 'getting organised for Christmas' day. We've done the Christmas shopping and the Christmas making. We like to feel we're putting the thought and the feeling back into Christmas (well, that's our excuse anyway) by not spending too much. Two of our Christmas presents for other … [Read more...]