Celebrating Saffron Milk Cap Mushrooms – A Recipe For Sucuklu Çintar Mantarı

We talk about seasonal foods in Turkey rather a lot on this blog and, while some seasonal foods tend to appear on Fethiye market on a more year-round basis - they're just in their prime at certain times of the year - there are some foods that are truly seasonal; here one minute, gone the … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: Recreating Our Ankara Kayseri Mantısı At Home

Mantı - it's easy to wonder what all the fuss is about. The first time we saw it (and had no idea what it was called) was when we originally moved to Fethiye and our neighbour knocked on our door, presenting us with a bowl of little dough parcels encasing a tiny piece of minced beef and topped with … [Read more...]

Baba Ganoush – A Turkish Meze Of Yoghurt & Aubergine

Summer is well and truly under way now and this is perfect weather for exploring Turkish meze recipes and, in particular, yoghurt-based meze recipes; perfect for keeping the body cool on ridiculously hot summer days. This yoghurt-based meze also uses a people's foodie favourite, aubergine. We've … [Read more...]

Tarhana Soup – The Ultimate In Turkish Recipes?

Many Turks will be amazed that we managed to live in Turkey for over ten years before we had our first ever taste of what is perhaps Turkey's most well known soup; Tarhana Çorbası. When we did finally make tarhana soup, I put this on my Facebook profile and on Twitter. "Noooo waaay," was one reply. … [Read more...]

A Homemade Coleslaw Recipe – Lahana Salatası

Is there a classic coleslaw recipe in existence? Well, probably not. Coleslaw salad is one of those universal dishes that's eaten in many countries around the world and each has its own variation. The only constant is the presence of shredded or finely chopped cabbage. After that, you can get … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: Spinach Stem Salad

Let's keep things simple: Most traditional Turkish food is as food should be - you take your ingredients, you make your dish...and if there is anything you have discarded while making your dish, you don't discard it; you make another dish from it. Well, it makes sense. Life should be simple like … [Read more...]

Haydari And Chilli Yoghurt – Two Meze Recipes Using A Turkish Staple

Life in Turkey doesn't happen without yoghurt. Even as a foreigner when you first move here, if you don't like yoghurt, it's not like you can just pretend it doesn't exist. Rather, you're more likely to be spending your time trying to avoid it - and that's going to take up quite a lot of your time … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: Kuzu Etli Nohut Yemeği (Lamb Stew With Chickpeas)

Last week, Fethiye, and lots of other places in Turkey, were stuck under a cold front with icy winds which sent temperatures tumbling into minus figures. This is very much a rarity in Fethiye - we were cold! Only one thing for it in weather like this and that's to hit the winter warming comfort … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: Domates Soslu Misket Köfte

Ahh, our love of köfte once more makes itself known on this blog. I wonder how many times we've written about it now...recipes for Tekirdağ Köftesi and just good old barbecued köfte; stories of köfte appreciation in Eskişehir and easily the most distinctive version we've tried to date, Doğubeyazıt … [Read more...]

Deep Fried Anchovy Sandwich Recipe – Recreating Istanbul Hamsi Street Food At Home

Yes, that time of year is once more upon us where millions of little fish swim along the Black Sea coast and we all get the delight of hamsi (anchovy) season. Oh, how we love hamsi season - we particularly relish eating an anchovy sandwich in Istanbul, and, fortunately, the early days of hamsi … [Read more...]