Domatesli Bulgur Pilavı – A Recipe For Turkish Bulgur Pilaf With Tomatoes

In Turkey, there is a type of restaurant called Ocakbaşı. You go to these restaurants when you want to eat grilled meat, cooked on an open barbecue within the restaurant. Our favourite meals, whenever we go to places like this, are chicken şiş kebab, lamb şiş or Adana Kebabı. All of these kebabs are … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes – Çintar Mushroom & Spinach Börek

This post is a continuation of the celebration of the lactarius deliciosus...the saffron milk cap mushroom...the çintar. We're no experts in the weird world of mushroom identification but we're now suitably convinced that the meaty, tasty çintar mushroom is indeed the Latin phrase … [Read more...]

Turkish Pickled Red Cabbage Recipe

Today has been a 'getting organised for Christmas' day. We've done the Christmas shopping and the Christmas making. We like to feel we're putting the thought and the feeling back into Christmas (well, that's our excuse anyway) by not spending too much. Two of our Christmas presents for other … [Read more...]

Our Turkish Rice Recipe

Turkish rice (şehriyeli pilav) - definitely one of the most famous dishes in Turkey! If you're familiar with Turkish food, you'll know that rice features quite heavily in the eating process. A lot of Turkish recipes end with, 'serve with rice'. If you go to a lokanta (a type of Turkish … [Read more...]

The Turkey’s For Life Giant Mixed Tost!

Tost: You can't come to Turkey - at least the west of Turkey - and leave without sampling tost. Tost is a big, tasty toastie and the Turks do a mighty fine tost! It's not two tiny slices of bread with a delicate filling and a dainty side salad (unless you're in an eatery trying to cater for foreign … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – A Börek Recipe

A couple of days ago, we went to Fethiye market to buy some yufka. Over the years, we’ve developed a love of cooking and have stopped buying many of the ready prepared goodies from the shelves and deli counters. You’d be amazed how much money it’s saved us, too. We’ve posted some of our recipes for … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Muhammara?

We've made an amazing discovery and a fantastic addition to our meze collection! Since starting Turkey's for Life, we've both started browsing other people's websites and blogs to see what makes them sit down and share their info with the virtual world. You might have guessed by now that we're both … [Read more...]

Turkish Musakka Recipe – A Dish For All Seasons

We got an email from a reader, once, telling us she had eaten many fabulous meals whilst staying in Turkey. Well, we get lots of emails like that, actually. But this particular reader told us she had particularly enjoyed the Turkish musakka - and she wanted to know if we had a Turkish Musakka recipe … [Read more...]

Courgette Soup With Potato – Turkish Patatesli Kabak Çorbası

Turkish cuisine has lots of well known soups, many of which you will see when you eat in lokantas and other traditional Turkish restaurants. This courgette soup recipe isn't one of those oft seen ones, but it's delicious all the same. Warming and comforting in winter and, omit a couple of the more … [Read more...]

A Tasty And Simple Hummus Recipe

We're sharing our hummus recipe in this post. Hummus is a bit of a strange one. Lots of debate about where it originated (with the general 'discussion' being between various Middle Eastern countries) and us, with our not-so-immense culinary knowledge, always assumed it was Greek. Anyway, we have … [Read more...]