Turkish Food & Recipes Feature Week – Welcome!

Welcome to our special feature week on Turkish food and recipes. As usual, our summer in Fethiye has been a bit hectic and this has meant we haven't spent a lot of time in the kitchen. However, we recently had a Turkish cookery book called The Sultan's Kitchen delivered to a friend's house in the UK … [Read more...]

Expat Life In Turkey – Have You Read Perking The Pansies Yet?

There are a few of us Turkey bloggers around these days and one that we've followed for some time has taken it upon himself to write a book. It's often said that we've all got a book in us and well, if that's true, not all of us are going to actually sit down to organise our thoughts into a … [Read more...]

Fethiye Theatre – Louis de Bernieres & Birds Without Wings

Yesterday, we posted about the live performances at the Telmessos theatre in Fethiye. We'd heard Louis de Bernieres might be making an appearance so we went along out of curiosity - and in the hope of catching a glimpse of my favourite author. You can read that whole post by clicking the first link … [Read more...]

Just Lovin’ Turkish Music: Anatolian Rock

It's Saturday and we've not had any music for a while. We've had the current male stars of Turkish music, then we had some of the famous ladies. Today, we thought we'd entertain your ears with the sounds of some Turkish music from the past. We're going back to the 1960s and '70s with a bit of … [Read more...]

Just Lovin’ Turkish Music: The Ladies

Last Saturday, we were in the mood for a bit of Turkish music and we added a widget to the post so you could hear a sample of some of some of the bands we listen to. Well you might have noticed that it was an all male affair. To put that right, this week we're sharing a few samples of some of the … [Read more...]

Just Lovin’ Turkish Music

For us, a gateway to understanding a culture different from our own is through food and music. If you're a regular reader of Turkey's For Life, you'll know that we devote quite a lot of our posts to showcasing Turkish recipes and Turkish food - we love cooking, we love sampling, we love food! As … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes – The Book On Our Shelf

In our house we have a couple of shelves on the wall, dedicated to cookery books. Hardback books by famous chefs, containing information about seasonal produce, the best places to buy local foods from and tempting recipes from all over the world. They all hold their own meaning for us and … [Read more...]