Fethiye Ottoman Water Cisterns – A Photo

We found out an interesting piece of history about the Muğla region (Muğla is the area of Turkey stretching from the Bodrum peninsula in the far Southwest to just east of Fethiye) today. We can't speak for other towns and villages of Muğla but if you know Fethiye, you'll have probably seen these … [Read more...]

Exploring The Ruins Of Cadianda, Near Üzümlü – It’s A Must

Wow! If you've never made it up to the ancient settlement of Cadianda (Kadyanda) and you like a bit of trekking, panoramic views over Fethiye and the Xanthos Valley, and the odd Roman ruin to boot, you've got to get yourself up there! Exploring The Cadianda Ruins (Kadyanda)  We'd lived in Fethiye … [Read more...]