Road Trip Along The North Shore of Van Gölü – First Stop, Adilcevaz

This was one of those little outings where, when you go to visit a friend in a new place, they have things they really want you to see before you leave. A bit of a quick stop tour. The east of Turkey really isn't close to Fethiye - it's only when you head that way that you really get a feel for … [Read more...]

Istanbul: Küçük Ayasofya Camii – We Rather Liked You!

How many times have we stayed in Sultanahmet in Istanbul? Let us count. How many times have we been to Istanbul? (Picture a hand waving around in the air in an I've-lost-count-and-have-better-things-to-do-with-my-time-so-don't-ask kind of way.) And here we are, just over four years into our … [Read more...]

The Magnificent Süleymaniye Mosque In Istanbul

While we certainly haven't seen all of the prominent mosques in Turkey, Süleymaniye Camii in Istanbul is a definite favourite so far. We visited here on our first trip to Istanbul some years ago - and we've been trying to return since. In February 2010, we trouped up the hill from Sultanahmet, … [Read more...]

This is Turkey – Istanbul Under Restoration

There's a common saying in Turkey, 'Burası Türkiye' which literally translates as, 'This (place) is Turkey.' Well, obviously this is Turkey but this saying means more than that. You'll hear it a lot and it's usually said with palms up and a shrug of the shoulders. If ever you're wandering around … [Read more...]