The Zeki Müren Arts Museum – Honouring A Turkish Superstar In Bodrum

Have you ever been to the Zeki Müren Arts Museum in the centre of Bodrum? If you have, then you'll recognise the photos and some of the stories we're about to relay here. If not, then let us tell you about this fantastically famous Turkish icon and why we decided to go and visit his former … [Read more...]

Visiting Topkapı Palace, Istanbul

Welcome to our massive post about one of Istanbul's (and the world's) most famous landmarks; the residence of the Ottoman sultans, Topkapı Palace. We're taking you on a tour of the palace's decadent interior, intricately designed tiles and stained glass windows. We're taking a peek at harem … [Read more...]

St. Nicholas, Santa Claus & Mediterranean Turkey – What’s The Link?

Father Christmas, Santa Claus, St. Nicholas - whatever name we assign to him (and in the UK, we do fluctuate), we all know who he is, don't we? He's that big jolly man in the bright red suit, big black boots and a fluffy white beard. He's busy in Lapland for most of the year, getting the toys … [Read more...]

Antalya Museum – Our Favourite Museum In Turkey?

What makes Antalya Museum a memorable museum? Well, for us, it's not just the collections they have in the building. We've been to Istanbul Archaeological Museum in the past - one of the finest collections in the world, we're told - and we'll be honest and tell you we got bored eventually. That's a … [Read more...]

Resident In Turkey? Have You Got Your Müzekart Or Müzekart+?

A year and a half ago, after changing visa rules, the Turkish Foreign Ministry reduced residency fees for British nationals who were either living in, or spending significant portions of time coming backwards and forwards to Turkey. We took advantage of this and applied for Turkish residency and, … [Read more...]

More Aya Sofya Musings

Around three weeks ago, we did the Aya Sofya post for this blog. As we were in Istanbul, we wanted once more to see the majesty that the interior of this building commands - and again, we were amazed by its grand interior. But there's something innate in my being; something instilled in me from … [Read more...]

Kariye Museum, Istanbul – Don’t Miss It!

After having our fill of some of the tastiest köfte we've ever had, we felt warmed inside and confident that we couldn't be too far away from the the special building we were searching for: The Kariye Müzesi (Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora). Istanbul is packed with unexpected pockets of … [Read more...]

Istanbul: Return to Aya Sofya

Six years ago we visited the amazing city of Istanbul for the first time, no doubt with the same aim as every other first-time visitor to the city; we wanted to see Sultanahmet Camii (the Blue Mosque), Topkapı Palace Museum, Aya Sofya (Haghia Sophia) and the eerie Basilica Cistern. They were on our … [Read more...]

Visiting Fethiye Museum

Confession time. We've been in Fethiye nearly 8 years, on and off, and in all that time, despite saying, 'We ought to visit Fethiye Museum some day,' we'd never made it till a couple of days back. It took the delivery of the newly discovered statues at Tlos to gee us up into finally making a … [Read more...]

Tlos – Exciting Excavations At Fethiye Museum

Imagine being an archaeologist on a dig - I'd love to be one - scraping away at the earth day after day. You might find a little clay pot or the odd earring every now and then. Apart from that, days are probably pretty uneventful but all the time you'd be secretly hoping for the big find; the one … [Read more...]