Travelling Turkey – Train Anyone?

Anyone intent on exploring Turkey will find travelling between the towns and cities of the country extremely easy as the country has an indispensable network of intercity buses run by private companies. If you read this blog a lot, you’ll know we’re big fans of Fethiye Otogar (Fethiye intercity bus … [Read more...]

Istanbul – Tünel to Karaköy

While the historic tram that trundles up and down Istiklal Caddesi all day long may be one of the little pieces of nostalgia that make up Beyoğlu (and a free ride for the kids who cling to the back of it), for us, the Tünel funicular is an absolute necessity. Walking down the hill towards Karaköy … [Read more...]

Istanbul – Getting Around Beyoğlu

Apologies for the cliche but the Beyoğlu area of Istanbul really is a feast for the senses. It's a tourist's must. Every time we've visited Istanbul, we've spent time in the area and we're still stumbling across streets, bars, shops (Petek's Pickles, for instance) and restaurants we didn't even know … [Read more...]

A Short Drive From Fethiye – Ören

As my dad is here at the moment, we followed tradition and hired a car for the day. He's been to Fethiye a few times now and has seen all the usual places people like to visit so this time we decided just to go for a drive. A good few years ago me and Barry went to Ören to a trout restaurant and … [Read more...]

Day Trip From Fethiye – Rhodes

"Rhodes, Every Day From Fethiye..." If you know the Fethiye region either from living here or coming for your holidays, you will have seen advertising hoardings on the roadsides, displaying that phrase and a picture of the Flying Poseidon shooting across the sea. It always makes us chuckle when we … [Read more...]

Getting Around in Fethiye – The Dolmuş

If you've been to Turkey before, the chances are you have had the 'dolmuş experience.' We've read somewhere recently that this (probably) most famous form of public transport in Turkey is slowly on its way out as a way of getting about in the big cities. Well, we can't speak for the big cities but, … [Read more...]

Getting Around in Turkey – Intercity Buses

Happy happy! We've been to Fethiye Otogar (the bus station) today and booked our bus to Istanbul. Absolute bargain as well. We decided to choose Metro just because we've used them in the past and we like them and it's only cost us 45 lira each. We paid more than that when we went up there four years … [Read more...]