Getting Around in Fethiye – The Dolmuş

If you've been to Turkey before, the chances are you have had the 'dolmuş experience.' We've read somewhere recently that this (probably) most famous form of public transport in Turkey is slowly on its way out as a way of getting about in the big cities. Well, we can't speak for the big cities but, … [Read more...]

Getting Around in Turkey – Intercity Buses

Happy happy! We've been to Fethiye Otogar (the bus station) today and booked our bus to Istanbul. Absolute bargain as well. We decided to choose Metro just because we've used them in the past and we like them and it's only cost us 45 lira each. We paid more than that when we went up there four years … [Read more...]

Public Transport in Fethiye – The Belediye Otobüs

We always had a car when we lived in England but we've never felt the need to buy one in Fethiye. There aren't many places in this area that you can't get to by public transport and, on the odd occasion when I feel the need to drive, we hire a car. It works out much cheaper and much less hassle for … [Read more...]