Staying At Sultan Camp, Kabak

(Update for 2017: If you want a bit more luxury, Sultan Camp now also has deluxe bungalows with en suite bathrooms. There are also tents for hire if you want to be 'under canvas.') We love staying at Olive Garden, Chakra Beach and Tree Houses in Kabak - but, this time, we thought we'd go to one … [Read more...]

Club Letoonia Fethiye – Our Full Hotel & Resort Review

For many years, we'd walked along Fethiye harbour looking across the bay towards Club & Hotel Letoonia. It's far from an unpleasant sight; traditionally-styled 'bungalows' with terracotta tiled roofs built onto the hillside and surrounded by lush green foliage. In the summer months, the … [Read more...]

Pasha Place Apartment – Living In Istanbul On A City Break

Over a few posts in the next couple of weeks, we want to take you on a little tour of a particular corner of Istanbul; Galata... Galata is an area we've always liked, but it's a neighbourhood that we've really come to love over the last few days, purely because we've got to know it a little … [Read more...]

Have We Found Our Ideal Budget Antalya Hotel? Otel Twenty Could Be The One…

Budget's the name of the game when ever we go away anywhere - and recently, when we were in Antalya for Runatolia 2015, we again went on an online hunt for budget accommodation for our 3-night stay. We've learned the hard way with this, though, and past experience has taught us it's a bit of a … [Read more...]

Cooling Off In The Fethiye Mountains – Black Tree Farm & Cottages

A couple of weeks back, while we were on the way back from our little overnight stay at Chakra Beach in Kabak, we decided to get off the dolmuş in Ölüdeniz, just for a wander around and to check in with a few people we'd not seen in a while. As we strolled along the pathway, past all the bars and … [Read more...]

Chakra Beach In Kabak – Oops, Think We May Have Just Fallen For You

It happens a lot on Facebook: "______ invited you to like their page." Oh, go on then. Some you like out of politeness because it's your friend, even though you're not remotely interested in the subject matter. And then there are pages that really get your interest. Pages you actually want to like … [Read more...]

Dalyan Hotels – Hotel Konak Melsa Did The Trick

In our previous post for our little Dalyan mini series we told you how to get from Fethiye to Dalyan by bus. For this post, we'll tell you about where we stayed. Because all of this was just done on a whim. After doing a day trip to Dalyan from Fethiye on numerous occasions, we'd wanted to do an … [Read more...]

Fethiye Hotels: The All New Hotel Unique – An Urban Hideaway

Throughout the winter of 2013/14, we watched a hotel being built in an impossibly small space, in a cliff face, right in the middle of Fethiye. During that time, our opinions went from the 'What the...?' end of the spectrum to the 'Well, just wow,' end of the spectrum. Hotel Unique, Fethiye is an … [Read more...]

We’ve Been AWOL…But We’re Still In Fethiye

We're quite lax with our blog posts - sometimes there'll be a glut of them all in a row, and then, other times, they'll be a bit thin on the ground; just a couple in a week. And, for us, that's the way it should be. If things get a bit too regimented, there's no flow - and what we really want to … [Read more...]

Our Istanbul Digs: Mangana Konak Suites, Sultanahmet

Anyone who doesn't know us and who has only read the last few posts of this blog would think we were intrepid travellers or something, because we seem to be writing often about Turkish hotels and hostels we've stayed in. Actually, it was a year of good hostel / hotel stays. We've had very few … [Read more...]