Staying Overnight In Kaş: Discovering Familiarity At Meltem Pension

A while back, you may remember we stayed overnight in Kaş in a seafront hotel; Gardenia Boutique Hotel. That stay was very kindly passed on to us by a reader who could no longer go there. Idyllic autumnal views, everything starting to slow right down in Kaş, we just felt really chilled and … [Read more...]

Our Ankara Digs & Why We Just Had To Stay For One More Night

Have you got somewhere in the world that it is just your determination to visit one day? Our first visit to Istanbul was all back to front. We were there for five days and it was our third day before we even caught sight of Aya Sofya, Sultanahmet Camii (the Blue Mosque) or Süleymaniye Camii (it … [Read more...]

Kaş: How We Came To Stay Overnight In A Seafront Boutique Hotel

And so it came to pass that Barry and Julia found themselves with the opportunity to stay in a seafront room of Gardenia Boutique Hotel  in Kaş. We do love Kaş! But you know us; we'll grab a hostel or pension wherever we go. As long as it's got a clean bed to sleep in, we're happy. So how did this … [Read more...]

Yacht Classic Hotel, Fethiye – A Cut Above

Regular readers will know that for the last couple of summers, we've spent quite a bit of time at the Yacht Classic Hotel along the Karagözler in Fethiye. Towards the end of summer 2012, stories started to be heard that the land next to the hotel would be used to extend the grounds and a new pool … [Read more...]

Hotel Review: SRF Hotel – Our Eskişehir Digs

Whenever we have a good stay in a hotel, hostel or apartment in Turkey, we always like to give it a review so others can decide if they would like to stay there, too. In Istanbul, we've stayed at the Antique Hostel a couple of times and in Izmir, we wrote about our apartment in Alsancak. Well, now … [Read more...]

Winter In Fethiye: It’s Hotel Renovation Time Again

Characteristics of winter in Fethiye: sometimes stormy, sometimes perfect, ice blue skies; dead calm waters with the purest of reflections; crisp, clear views over an extended horizon...and construction. Last week, we posted about the developments along Phase 3 of Fethiye harbour. Things are still … [Read more...]

Mooching Around Alesta Yacht Hotel In Fethiye

A few days ago, we had another blogger visiting Fethiye. She was visiting the area for the weekend with family and was staying at Alesta Yacht Hotel along the Karagözler in the centre of Fethiye. We met up with Joy of My Turkish Joys back when we were in Istanbul in April so we wanted to catch up … [Read more...]

Our Izmir Digs – A Home Away From Home In Alsancak

We had a little bit of a clue about where we were going. After getting off the bus from Fethiye to Izmir, we knew we had to find a local bus that was going to take us to Alsancak; Alsancak train station to be precise. "Get off the bus there, phone or text me and I'll come to meet you and take you to … [Read more...]

Fethiye: How To Get To The Sundial Under Your Own Steam

If you know this blog, you'll know that we mention the Sundial Hotel quite a lot. That's because it's not a bad way to while away some of your time while you're in the Fethiye area. The views over Fethiye bay and the rest of the town are amazing because the restaurant and pool sit high on the … [Read more...]

The Olive Garden Kabak – A Taste Of ‘Getting Away From It All’

In a past article, we took you on a journey from the maze of hotels in Ölüdeniz, and up along the remote, mountain road that leads to Faralya (Uzunyurt) and eventually to the neighbourhood of Kabak. We stopped a few times en route to take in the amazing scenery and to try to capture it on camera … [Read more...]