Turkey’s For Life Round-Up

Amongst all the taking of photos, processing of photos, labelling them, writing posts, editing them, arranging them, publishing them, updating Facebook and Twitter and the like, there are always little changes and tweaks going on behind the scenes that we hope will continue to improve our blog. A … [Read more...]

Fethiye Cheap Eats: The Sundial Burger!

Last week, we started a new series on the blog called Fethiye Cheap Eats. The criteria for the dish to be included in Fethiye Cheap Eats is quite simply that it comes in under 10 lira (about £4). The first place we included in the series was the ocakbaşı restaurant, Öz Gaziantep where just about … [Read more...]

Fethiye Hotels Along The Marina

Since we started this blog, we've been on various strolls along the Karagözler in Fethiye and written about how all the hotels seem to be upping their game and having major face lifts. We've watched the cheap and cheerful Mediteran change into the rather chic Park Marina Hotel and then rebrand … [Read more...]

Fethiye’s Park Marina Hotel – It’s nearly finished!

Last month, we went for a walk along the Karagözler in Fethiye so we could have a nosey at how things were taking shape at the Mediteran Hotel. As you may remember from that post, we discovered that it is the Mediteran no more and it's new name is Park Marina Hotel (now changed again to the Marina … [Read more...]

Fethiye Blast From The Past: Otel Dedeoğlu

We've got some friends coming out for the week at New Year so we said we'd go to have a look at the newly refurbished Dedeoğlu Hotel on the Karagözler in Fethiye. It really took us back to the first time we came to Fethiye on holiday. Our rep was really good and recommended decent Fethiye bars. … [Read more...]

Turkish Kebabs – Do You Love Them As Much As This Man Does?

A couple of days ago, we went to the Yacht Classic Hotel (formerly Yeni Yacht / Yacht Plaza) along the Karagözler in Fethiye because we were meeting a friend there. A very nice place it is too! Non-residents are welcome to use the facilities so we had a gentle couple of Efes beers at the marina-side … [Read more...]

Fethiye’s Karagözler In Photos – A Late Summer Stroll

Re the title of today's post: we actually made a bit of research into a late summer stroll. We've got some friends coming to stay in Fethiye over the New Year (just love having winter visitors) and they wanted us to ask for bits of info and prices at the hotels along the Karagözler. You might … [Read more...]

Ambling along the Karagözler, Fethiye

The weather in Fethiye has been perfect today so this afternoon, we decided to go for a walk along the Karagözler. We love to look at all the fishing boats, yachts and gülets and also the boat yard, which is really busy at this time of year. Many of the boats are being put back in the water now - … [Read more...]

Hotels in Fethiye & The Karagözler

When we did the trek around Fethiye peninsula on Thursday I have to say that for once, we were lost for words. Let me tell you why. Most of the hotels in Fethiye centre are along the Karagözler, over looking the bay and the marina. When we used to come here on holiday, we always stayed in this area … [Read more...]