Izmir: The Side Streets Of Alsancak – Sokakta Hayat Var

In the Izmir seaside neighbourhood of Alsancak, there's a famous, pedestrianised shopping street called Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi. Filled with high street stores, restaurants and patisseries it's Izmir's answer to Istanbul's Istiklal Caddesi, though it's much less crowded and the high-rise buildings … [Read more...]

Izmir Sevgi Yolu – A City’s Walk Of Fame

Each city has its own personality, with qualities that either attract or repel the visitor, and if you've read our previous posts on Izmir, you'll know we were very much attracted to the Aegean city. It's a confident city without being cocky or in your face. It's surrounded by mass tourism but … [Read more...]

Exploring Izmir: The Hike To Kadifekale

We'd been in Izmir for four days and still hadn't made it to one of the sights on our list of Izmir Must-Sees - Kadifekale (the Velvet Castle). Racing around, bagging sights is never really top of our agenda when we go somewhere new - but Kadifekale sits on top of a hill (of the same name), … [Read more...]

When The Sun Goes Down – Six Izmir Photos

Memories from our time in Izmir: there are a lot of them. Food more than played it's part by way of the söğüş, Çeşme kumrusu and the stuffed mussels. In between meals, we also managed a bit of sightseeing. Of course, we couldn't go to Izmir without taking many photographs of the famous Izmir Saat … [Read more...]

Midye Dolma: Stuffing Our Faces With An Izmir Favourite

We know that Turkey is famous for its street food and Izmir is a great city to be in if you're looking to sample lots of street food treats. When we first visited, we were in the city for six short days and were on a mission to eat, eat, eat. Purely because so many friends had enthused about all … [Read more...]

Kıbrıs Şehitler Caddesi – Izmir’s Most Famous Street?

Istanbul's Beyoğlu area has the famous Istiklal Caddesi - a pedestrianised stretch of shops and eateries and swarms of people weaving their way to their intended destination with varying degrees of success. It's a feature of the city, just as Alsancak's Kıbrıs Şehitler Caddesi is for Izmir - … [Read more...]

Loving A Bit Of Unexpected Railway Nostalgia In Izmir

Today is Cumhuriyet Bayramı (Republic Day) in Turkey, so this post seems quite apt for the occasion. Republic Day commemorates the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923 when Mustafa Kemal Atatürk became the first leader. For today's post we're heading back to Izmir and to Alsancak train … [Read more...]

Alternative Sightseeing In Izmir – Alsancak Street Market

Regular readers of this blog will know we have a bit of a passion (or should that say obsession?) for food markets. Sundays are taken up with a trip to Çalış market, Tuesdays we're off along the harbour in the opposite direction to Fethiye market and Fridays - our favourite - see us back on the same … [Read more...]

Testing Out Our First Ever Famous Çeşme Kumrusu

"Don't come back from Izmir without trying Çeşme Kumrusu!" This was just one of the many pieces of advice given to us by Turkish friends before we set off for our trip to Izmir in September. But it was also the piece of advice; the common thread that linked all the other suggestions offered. Woe … [Read more...]

Sightseeing In Izmir – A Stroll To Asansör

We decided to walk to Asansör - well, we'd walked everywhere else in Izmir so we figured we might as well continue the trend. It looked easy enough. Hit the kordon (promenade) in Alsancak and keep going until we could see Asansör. We strolled along the seafront, passed Izmir Saat Kulesi and, an … [Read more...]