Izmir Clock Tower – The Symbol Of A City

In Izmir, there is one historic attraction that most people know about. We almost felt duty-bound to go and see it to take photos of it. Izmir Saat Kulesi (Izmir Clock Tower) is the symbol of the city and arguably its most famous sight. We felt we couldn't ignore it, and so, we went off in search of … [Read more...]

Our Izmir Digs – A Home Away From Home In Alsancak

We had a little bit of a clue about where we were going. After getting off the bus from Fethiye to Izmir, we knew we had to find a local bus that was going to take us to Alsancak; Alsancak train station to be precise. "Get off the bus there, phone or text me and I'll come to meet you and take you to … [Read more...]

Fethiye to Izmir – The Bus Journey In Pictures

Regular readers will know that we have a bit of a fondness for the Turkish intercity buses; they're our favourite mode of transport for getting away from Fethiye for a short while to explore pastures new. Back in June, we wrote about the experience of the night bus from Fethiye to Istanbul, a … [Read more...]

Izmir – Turkey’s Windy City

As time goes on and we look back on our few days in Izmir, many different aspects of the city are going to lodge themselves in our memories. But there is one overriding aspect that is going to be at the forefront of our minds and will come blurting out whenever someone asks us about September in … [Read more...]

We’ve Discovered Izmir Söğüş And It’s A Winner!

Exploration of a new city on foot is our preferred mode of transport - if the city lends itself to it, that is. Izmir is perfect for wandering around as most of the areas we want to see are relatively close together, centred around the coast and, therefore, it's flat. So, we've walked with … [Read more...]