Our Izmir Digs – A Home Away From Home In Alsancak

We had a little bit of a clue about where we were going. After getting off the bus from Fethiye to Izmir, we knew we had to find a local bus that was going to take us to Alsancak; Alsancak train station to be precise. "Get off the bus there, phone or text me and I'll come to meet you and take you to … [Read more...]

Fethiye to Izmir – The Bus Journey In Pictures

Regular readers will know that we have a bit of a fondness for the Turkish intercity buses; they're our favourite mode of transport for getting away from Fethiye for a short while to explore pastures new. Back in June, we wrote about the experience of the night bus from Fethiye to Istanbul, a … [Read more...]

Return to Fethiye – Leaving The Big City Behind

For six days we've 'lived' in the buzz of Izmir. We've lived in the big city noise: cars and buses racing along the boulevards, the screeching of tyres on tarmac as they hit the red lights, the beeping of horns, We've waited for that fleeting moment when it's relatively safe to dart to the other … [Read more...]

Izmir – Turkey’s Windy City

As time goes on and we look back on our few days in Izmir, many different aspects of the city are going to lodge themselves in our memories. But there is one overriding aspect that is going to be at the forefront of our minds and will come blurting out whenever someone asks us about September in … [Read more...]

Turkish Street Food – We’ve Discovered Izmir Söğüş And It’s A Winner!

Exploration of a new city on foot is our preferred mode of transport - if the city lends itself to it, that is. Izmir is perfect for wandering around as most of the areas we want to see are relatively close together, centred around the coast and, therefore, it's flat. So, we've walked with purpose … [Read more...]

We’re Off To Izmir!

We've started a little tidy up recently on the blog, tying up loose ends of past travels. We kicked off with the Southern Aegean coast, rounding off trips to İçmeler and Turgutreis on the Bodrum Peninsula and we'll continue with this theme over the coming weeks. There are a few reasons for doing … [Read more...]

Bodrum Peninsula: Onwards To Turgutreis – A Photo Story

In our previous post, we were losing ourselves in the forest of traditional Turkish gülets that were crowded into the boatyard in İçmeler. Once the meeting was over between our friends and their potential future employer, it was onwards to the small town of Türgutreis on the opposite side of the … [Read more...]

Bodrum Peninsula: The Alice In Wonderland World Of İçmeler Boatyard

Mention İçmeler to those who know Turkey and the first place that will come to the mind of many is the small, popular resort town, lying on the Southwest Turkish coast, just south of Marmaris. However, when we took a day trip from Fethiye with friends back in March 2010, we were soon to find out … [Read more...]

A Vote For Fethiye Is A Vote For Turkey Too

Today's post is a rally cry, a call to action, a desperate plea; call it what you will. We're asking for your help, please. Many of you will know already that a couple of weeks back, we entered Fethiye into the Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2012 and yesterday, voting opened in the last … [Read more...]

Datça Peninsula: Palamutbükü 8 Years On

A little over 8 years ago, we were taken on a road trip to the Datça Peninsula for a short break with friends. It was November and Datça was deserted and beautiful. Just about everywhere we visited was closed up for the winter months, but we didn't mind as we were there to chill out for a few days … [Read more...]