Our Datça Holiday – The Village of Yazıköy

The Datça Peninsula; wild, windy and just stunningly beautiful. That's the impression we came back to Fethiye with last Monday after spending the weekend there with friends. It's 8 years since we were last on this amazing stretch of land that juts out into the Mediterranean/Aegean Sea and, to be … [Read more...]

A Datça Holiday & Our 2nd Birthday

Today, we have returned back to Fethiye after a weekend of chilling out on the Datça Peninsula (a 3-4 hour drive, west of Fethiye) with Turkish friends and their family. And also today, our blog has reached another milestone in its short life because today is its 2nd birthday. Happy birthday to our … [Read more...]

Fethiye, Fethiye…wherefore art thou, Fethiye? One Of Life’s Ponders…

I've been pondering this one for a few years so maybe someone could help me out in my ponderings. And here is my ponder...how do you define boundaries in a great big body of water? Where is the exact point where one sea or ocean stops and another one starts? More specifically, where does the … [Read more...]