Eskişehir To Ankara By Yüksek Hızlı Tren – Yeah, We’d Do That Again!

We're big advocates of Turkey's intercity buses and travel on them all the time - hopefully, we'll be on this Fethiye to Istanbul bus in November - but we've got to say, if there's a train on offer, we're there! We love us a bit of a train journey and we were excited when we found out we could … [Read more...]

Eskişehir – A City Of Sculptures

All good cities need a smattering of fun or eye-catching sculptures to keep the passers-by entertained as far as we're concerned, and Turkey does this form of street art very well. There's not much we'd suggest for improvements to Fethiye...but a few random sculptures dotted around town would just … [Read more...]

Eskişehir: What To Make Of Şelale Park

Eskişehir really is a city that puts a smile on your face. Recreation seems to be the main mission here and having a bit of fun is taken seriously. There are sculptures all over Eskişehir city centre and the River Porsuk has been transformed into an attraction where you can sit in riverside bars … [Read more...]

Vural Sokak, Eskişehir: Socialising At Social Pub

How many times have we sang the praises of Foursquare on this blog? Too many, probably - but we're going to do it again. Foursquare can only work well if people actively use it and, fortunately for the traveller, Turkey is blessed with a population of people who love to 'check in' using Foursquare … [Read more...]

Eskişehir: Relishing Oversized Beer In Traveler’s Cafe

We do our best. We do our best to keep some sort of routine to our blogging, despite random appearances. However, routine has once again vanished in a puff of smoke from our lives - that's summer in Fethiye for you - and where the blog is concerned, we're now trying to drag our brains back to a more … [Read more...]

A Photographic Trip Around Kent Park In Eskişehir

Last time we were in Eskişehir for a blog post, we invited you to stroll along the pleasant Porsuk River with us. Aside from enjoying a riverside stroll, the purpose of our little journey was to visit one of the city's parks, Kent Park, because we'd been told by a Twitter friend not to miss … [Read more...]

Eskişehir: Join Us On A Walk Along The Porsuk River

Most cities of the world have a river running through them - and Eskişehir is no different. They have the Porsuk; lined in the city centre with cafes, restaurants and bars. Further downstream things become a little more lazy and laid back, and, while we were in the city, we decided to take a stroll … [Read more...]

Eating In Eskişehir Again – This Time It’s Kokoreç

We did do other things while we were in Eskişehir. Well, we've told you about our little stroll around Odunpazarı and we strolled to other places too. We'll tell you about them all in good time, but it's weekend, it's Turkish Food Focus at we're going to tell you about yet another meal … [Read more...]

Wandering Around The Houses Of Odunpazarı, Eskişehir’s Eski Şehir

"Eskişehir's sights do not mount to a great deal and it's not a place you would want to hang around in for more than a few hours. Fortunately, there are good road and rail connections..." (1) Wow, how quickly things can turn around. You can't beat an out of date guidebook. This quote is from a 6th … [Read more...]

Turkish Food Focus: An Eskişehir Brunch Of Köfte & Piyaz

Us: Günaydın. Köfte var mı? (Good morning. Have you got köfte?) The waiter turns away from us and shouts towards an unseen kitchen. Waiter: Serkan, köfte hazır mı? (Serkan, is the köfte ready?) Serkan: Hazır, hazır. (It's ready.) The waiter turns to us and informs us that the köfte is … [Read more...]