Watching Nature In Action – Spawning Season For Lake Van’s Inci Kefal

Every year, in May and June, thousands of fish swim upstream from their home in Lake Van for spawning season. On our recent trip to visit a friend in Eastern Turkey, we were lucky enough to be around just as the annual Inci Kefal migration started. Inci Kefal In Van Lake This is Erciş and … [Read more...]

Doğubeyazıt Köftesi – A Meatball Like No Other

While we were in East Turkey, our hope was to try as many different local foods as possible. In Eskişehir, we were recommended to try their famous Tatar çiğ börek and it didn't take many detective skills to hunt it down. This börek is everywhere! Out of duty to this blog, and out of curiosity, Barry … [Read more...]

Spring Just Sprung In Eastern Turkey – And We’re Loving It!

At the moment, we're on the final leg of a bit of a trek around Turkey. If you remember when we wrote about our Turkey travel plans (so far) for 2013, we said we would go north from Fethiye by bus up to Eskişehir, across to Ankara by high speed train and then we would take the overnight Van Gölü … [Read more...]

The Kindness of People in Turkey

We had a post planned for today but it's going to have to wait for another time as we just have to share this story with you. A lovely (for us) random act of kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness, whatever you want to call it. It's made our Monday anyway and has confirmed why we love blogging and … [Read more...]