Eminönü To Kadıköy – Europe to Asia On An Istanbul Ferry

Over the years, most of our posts about our various jaunts have covered our exploits around the European shores of Istanbul. But, Istanbul also has an Asian side - well you know it's that famous place in the world (we refuse to type out any of any of those clichés) where you can be on one continent, … [Read more...]

Kuru Fasulye – Süleymaniye Is Where It’s At

Istanbul and food and Istanbul and food and... Yeah, as well as the ridiculous array of sightseeing to be done in Istanbul, food is also what makes visits to the city so memorable for us. It's not that we can't get some of these foods in Fethiye, it's just, well, the setting and the history and the … [Read more...]

Ortaköy Kumpir – A Party In A Baked Potato

In this post, we want to talk about a Turkish street food favourite: Ortaköy Kumpir. Kumpir is available in many of Turkey's towns and cities but there is one little neighbourhood that is oh-so-famous for this slightly peculiar member of the Turkish street food family. First of all, let us set … [Read more...]

Çiğ Köfte – With Meat Or Without Meat?

We're sure he won't mind us telling you this - well, we're telling you anyway, aren't we - but our lovely friend Anıl, Mr Tech Expert, foXnoMad, has a bit of a penchant for (or addiction to) çiğ köfte. He loves the stuff. In March-April of this year, he came to stay with us in Fethiye for a few … [Read more...]

Galata Street Food – Follow Your Nose For Kokoreç

Istanbul is as much about eating as it is about wandering and sightseeing. Well, at least it is for us, anyway, and, as we're writing this post from the city right now, we've already had the discussion of what we're going to eat for lunch when we go out later on. We're staying in the Galata area of … [Read more...]

Where To Stay In Istanbul – We Know Where We Want To Be

Our last post was all about us getting to know the Galata neighbourhood a bit better, and, for this particular blog post, we're still in Galata...but we're being a bit nosey. In Istanbul, all the sights and sounds of the city are right here, right now, in your face, when you're walking around. … [Read more...]

Galata: Glad To Get To Know You

Galata: As a tourist in Istanbul it's that place where you go to once you've exhausted the magnificent sights of Sultanahmet; Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya), the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii), Topkapı Palace. Should you fancy a stroll up the hill towards Beyazıt, the Grand Bazaar (Kapalı Çarşısı) and … [Read more...]

Pasha Place Apartment – Living In Istanbul On A City Break

Over a few posts in the next couple of weeks, we want to take you on a little tour of a particular corner of Istanbul; Galata... Galata is an area we've always liked, but it's a neighbourhood that we've really come to love over the last few days, purely because we've got to know it a little … [Read more...]

Postcard From Istanbul In Springtime

A big hello from sunny Istanbul! We've been here since Friday morning...but, today - the day before we return home to Fethiye - is the first time we've had a chance to sit down and write something. We do like to try and write these little postcards while we're elsewhere in Turkey - an 'on location' … [Read more...]

Istanbul: Küçük Ayasofya Camii – We Rather Liked You!

How many times have we stayed in Sultanahmet in Istanbul? Let us count... How many times have we been to Istanbul? (Picture a hand waving around in the air in an I've-lost-count-and-have-better-things-to-do-with-my-time-so-don't-ask kind of way.) And here we are, just over four years into our … [Read more...]