Our Istanbul Digs: Mangana Konak Suites, Sultanahmet

Anyone who doesn't know us and who has only read the last few posts of this blog would think we were intrepid travellers or something, because we seem to be writing often about Turkish hotels and hostels we've stayed in. Actually, it was a year of good hostel / hotel stays. We've had very few … [Read more...]

Finding Familiarity In Sultanahmet, Istanbul – Turkey Gets A Bit Smaller

So, where were we? A continuation of a tale from the last post. You may remember, we were at Meltem Pension in Kaş and singing its praises - deservedly so - but the story we want to continue with today is this running theme that has threaded its way through our ten years of living in Turkey: People … [Read more...]

Finding Calm In Autumnal Istanbul – Gülhane Park, Sultanahmet

Okay, we're having a mild autumn here in Fethiye, but it's autumn all the same. And it was exactly the same feeling when we were in Istanbul recently for the Istanbul Marathon. Obviously, it was cooler than the Fethiye temperatures but still warmer than we've known it previously (we always seem … [Read more...]

Istanbul Marathon – The 10 KM Run In Photos. Can We Tempt You?

Maybe it was the fact the sun was shining, we're not sure, but both of us said this year's Istanbul Marathon was the most enjoyable yet. Sunday was the third time we've taken part, and there was a completely different atmosphere to usual; a bit of a culture change. More people taking part just for … [Read more...]

Why We’re Running Istanbul – A Personal One

The following is an unedited stream of thought... We write about our lives on this blog, but there are certain things this blog doesn't usually need to know. We write about what we get up to in Fethiye and other places in Turkey, but this post is different. This is a window into a different … [Read more...]

A Wander Through History In Istanbul’s Egyptian Spice Bazaar; Mısır Çarşısı

Istanbul has done what it does best and once again pushed itself to the forefront of our minds. That's what this city does to you. We're going to wander around the historic Egyptian spice Bazaar (Mısır Çarşısı) in this article. Mısır Çarşısı (the Egyptian Spice Bazaar)  The Egyptian Spice … [Read more...]

The Famous Taksim – Tünel Historic Tram, Istanbul

Yesterday evening and through the night, Fethiye had its first, long awaited, late summer rain. Heavy skies and humidity preceded it and we were grateful to wake up this morning to flat calm sea, views of the hills and, more importantly, a bit of fresh air. We're starting to wind down now after … [Read more...]

Istanbul Street Food – Black & White Series

Well isn't this a coincidence? Today's post is a series of black and white photos from Istanbul. It's not the first time we've done this. And there's the coincidence. On going back to our first Istanbul in Black and White post, it's become apparent that we published it exactly this time last year, … [Read more...]

Istanbul Street Food: Late Night Kokoreç And Midye Tava

Back in April we flew to Rome from Turkey and, as we were flying from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, it meant we got to spend a night in our favourite city, Istanbul. It all coincided with a meet-up with some other bloggers...which meant going out for drinks...which of course meant ending the evening … [Read more...]

Fethiye to Istanbul – A Night On A Turkish Intercity Bus

It's 8:30 pm and bus drivers, driver's mates, crew, desk staff, travellers and those who have come to wave off the travellers are milling around the various buses, lined up in Fethiye otogar. Most buses to Istanbul set off at 9 pm so tickets are being checked, bags are being loaded, cigarettes … [Read more...]